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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        As noted in other Threads I’ve been having difficulty seeing my pistol sights. This is originally from my Thread Beretta M9A3 G Conversion Kit and other Modifications, but I thought adding it here maybe helpful for others.

        Have been exploring various options.

        Reasonably Priced Red Dot for a Pistol


        Shield Sights

        Standard Sights on my M9.

        This is my first attempt at a solution.

        I blacked out rear half moon dot and applied Testor’s florescent Red to Front Sight White dot.

        This is much better for me!

        The photo doesn’t do this modification justice, it appears much brighter than depicted.

        I lack the knowledge to properly explain all the various factors related to aging eyes, but this is a significant improvement.

        I may apply this Red to entire rear of Front Sight to duplicate old revolver Front sight inserts popular back in the day.

        This has done wonders for my ability to use my pistol sights.

        Prior to this my group sizes were opening up and this was particularly frustrating. Initially I increased practice, but my eyes just weren’t cooperating

        Now my groups are back to what I expect of myself. :yes:

        I don’t have a WML for my M9, so I still use the Harries Flashlight Technique as my standard choice.

        For some it maybe a bit old school, but I’ve been using it for over 30 years.

        A side benefit to this technique is the peripheral beam does an excellent job of illuminating the florescent Red front dot. So this has translated to accurate nighttime fire as well.

        Obviously there are commercial sight options that accomplish the same thing, but I was reluctant to spend that kind of money before knowing it would actually work for me. In this case the $2.99 Testor’s florescent Red paint proved the concept without investing more money.

        Remember since my Beretta M9 has a fixed front sight, a after market solution is more complex.

        Something to consider trying it your eyes aren’t what they used to be.

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            I don’t have issues seeing sights, yet. But I’ve been considering having a good set of fiber optic sights installed on one of my pistols to see how I like it. Most likely the Beretta.

            I think blacked out rear sights and a bright FO up front work work pretty well. If the rod ever fell out, I still have the outline in a pinch.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              I have a fiber optic on my 1100 that I am very happy with.

              It works well with pistols, though the last time I handled one, my eyes were better and I didn’t appreciate the value as I do now. ;-)

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              First Sergeant

                Glad you found a solution.

                This is something that can cause issues as we get older. there is no one size fits all solution. Everybody is going to have to experiment and see what works.

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  …there is no one size fits all solution. Everybody is going to have to experiment and see what works.

                  I was worried that the result would be a equally fuzzy red dot, but the blackened rear seems crisper and the red florescent front dot I can focus on now that it is brighter.

                  I guess it’s similar to my ability to read some fine print in better light without glasses, but lower the light level and I need my glasses or a flashlight.

                  Still am going to continue my research into pistol red dots, but this has at least bought me time.

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