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        This post is an off-shoot of the thread “Who is Alone Out There.” It talks about my brother and my family, acting on our desires to create a family redoubt for when SHTF happens.

        I know that there is a “shit-ton” of folks out there that have and want to do what we have accomplished. Hopefully this topic will bring people to the table that have done it along with folks who want to do it. To share their experience and answer questions as they come up.

        If there is an interest, I will continue documenting our journey. Please share your story and dreams. ;-)

        “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”–Chinese

        The Land:
        My brother and I both live in the Northeast. My brother near the Philadelphia area and I live in Rhode Island (Same size of the Philly area LOL). After encouragement from our wives we sat down and listed what we were all looking for in land for the family redoubt.

        Here was our shopping list:

        > No more then a 4 hr drive for either of us
        > A gun friendly/hunting state/area
        > Remote
        > Cheap (Not to exceed $2,000- an acre)
        > Easy to defend
        > Running water
        > good soil
        > Mostly hard wooded
        > Like minded folks nearby

        I grabbed a Northeast USA map from AAA and drew a 240 mile circle from my brothers home and then my home. The two circles intersected in Hancock, NY. I wouldn’t live in NY for all of the tea in China BUT Hancock was across the Delaware River from Pennsylvania. I did a little more research and booked a room for my brother, his wife and my lovely wife and me. It was a couple of rooms over a lively Pennsylvania tavern.

        Once there we drove around for a day to get familiar with the area and then recruited a real estate agent.

        The real estate agent showed us several properties the following day. They were all out of our agreed price range. The owner of the tavern knew what we were looking for and our price range. He suggested that we look west one county over. His reasoning was: Folks from New York City were buying up land around Hancock and now in his county – Wayne.

        After we arrived home, my brother and I started scouring land for sale in the next county over – Susquehanna. The tavern owner was right – Land was about 50% less then Wayne County. My brother took the bull by the horns and contacted a another real estate agent who’s office was in the middle of Susquehanna County.

        A few weeks later found my brother and I back at our rooms at our favorite tavern. We spread out a map and started soliciting comments from our new friends at the tavern. The next day we met with our new real estate agent who chauffeured us around to a half a dozen properties which all turned out to be over priced.

        Oh well….My brother and I were bummed however my wife pointed out that God works in mysterious ways and there was a piece of property in our future we just had to keep looking – She was RIGHT!

        My brother was cruising the internet and ran across a piece of property that was in our price range so he called our agent. She told us that in fact the land was listed with her agency but listed with a different agent within the agency.

        My brother pressed her and drove up on his own the next day to check it out. He called me that evening all a twitter. He was so excited my wife and I drove there that weekend to check it out.

        I walked the property and took some pictures. That night while my wife and I sat at the tavern (Our tavern now) we discussed whether the property met our needs.

        > No more then a 4 hr drive for either of us? Nope. It was a 5 hour drive for us and 3 for our brother
        > A gun friendly/hunting state? Yes. PA. is the most gun friendly state in the NE with the exception of maybe VT or NH.
        > Remote? Yes. There was only two roads onto the mountain and 3-4 miles from a very small town.
        > Cheap? Yes. About $2k an acre
        > Easy to defend? Yes. the mountain was heavily wooded and with only two ways on/off the mountain was easy to defend
        > Running water? Yes. There was a creek that ran through the middle of the property
        > good soil? Yes. We later found out that the PH of the soil was 6.5 – PERFECT
        > Mostly hard wooded? Oh yes. Plenty of fuel
        > Like minded people? We didn’t know as there was only maybe a dozen or so houses on the mountain. Half of those being hunting cabins.

        So the next day we drove to the real estate office, made an offer and wrote a deposit. To make a long story short, after some minor haggling the property was ours! All 34 acres. We inked the transfer of the deed in Nov. 2005.

        So hopefully my long story gives the forum members some ideas of how to proceed. The key is having a shopping list, keeping to the list and being persistent.

        If you want to know what we did with the property over the next eight years let me know and I will continue with part 2 of the Mac’s family Redoubt.

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        D Close

          Great! I’m looking now myself. More please!

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            Do it.

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              Good stuff. Looking forward to more.

              For the group: this might be useful when considering where to find your BOL –

              The two maps linked at the bottom of the page are particularly illuminating.

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                We may be neighbors when the shtf! I live in the Philly area myself. My father in law lives in Susquehanna county, that’s where my wife and I are headed one it all goes belly up.

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                Former Sapper


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                    Hey Kennymac!

                    My bro lives in Langhorne. I was brought up in Newtown. PM me your AO and the next time I am south lets get together or… The next time you are visiting the in-laws pop on over for a beer or a home brewed ice chilled hard cider.

                    Thanks for the response gents. I will post part II tomorrow.

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