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        I do not know what the appetite is here for using the internet to learn about your environment, but I thought I’d break my non-operations forum cherry by sharing knowledge here and there about OSINT.

        On the subject of intelligence, the internet is your best bet while you have a connection and electricity. If you have a Google account (anonymous or not; ask me about that if interested), you can set alerts on particular terms so when Google crawls the web, you’ll get hits emailed to you.

        Someone PM me if this has already been covered. I did not dig into the archives and check first.

        when you type in a term, like “gangs”, it’ll return results as such, but you can also “and” the terms with specific modifiers, like a city name, person, or anything else… “gangs” and “Atlanta” would give you anything Google matches with those terms matched using “and” Boolean logic. Google also gives you options for frequency of search/returns, etc. This should get you results on gangs in Atlanta, at the very least.

        Try it out if you want to tailor local open source news using Google. This is a very basic and passive way to get fed information, and I hope it helps.

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