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        If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize. I’m planning fighting positions/LPOP’s for keeping my compound safe during WROL. For a two-man fighting position, how large (degrees) of sectors of fire can I assign that would be reasonable to manage?

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          Prob more important to apply principles of defense such as mutual support and depth rather than look for specific degrees. Sectors should be interlocking / overlapping arcs of fire.

          Your big issue is likely to be having the numbers to occupy multiple fighting positions.

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            You know, that is a very good question, which gives me hope for the future, not to mention the audience here being switched on.

            Ideally, if I was planning a defensive fire plan like this, I would do like you’re suggesting, with 2-man fighting positions, but then the arcs of fire must be adjusted, as the guys are literally side-by-side. Each man could conceivably cover an arc of about 90 deg to his outside flank, depending on how your defensive area is set up. If these guys are put on corners, then that gives them more room to groove, without worrying about hitting your own. But as Max said, your main concern is usually having enough bodies to man a defensive line like this, much less having the luxury of two-man fighting positions. But if you do, then yeah 2-man positions are ideal. Also as Max has said, you’re not making a sector of fire in a vacuum; it has to be tied in for a continuous defense around your perimeter. So arcs may be adjusted so there are overlapping arcs of fire covering likely avenues of approach. But you don’t just put in 360 deg coverage willy-nilly and have a brew; you have to look at where an enemy might approach from, and then emphasize fires there. If you really want to get down into it, you come up with a wire and barrier plan, which would obstruct his free maneuver and channelize him into your PDF’s (Principle Direction of Fire) of your heavy-barreled AR’s, on tri-pods, with drum mags. That would ruin his whole day.

            SO really no text book answer here on arcs of fire; they are what they need to be.

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              to displace from the compound (

              The ideal time to literally pop smoke

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                For a really good description of this, at a light infantry level, (re-)read Clancy’s “Clear and Present Danger”. He gives an excellent description of a squad-sized unit digging in for a defense against numerically superior enemy. He even gets into “primary”, “alternate” and “supplementary” positions, for each 2-man team. That’s three sets of holes, which give fall-back positions and/or cover different sectors of fire, as required.

                This brings up a whole ‘nother point, in that you may want to consider a “bail-out” azimuth for the group, to displace from the compound (at least temporarily), and have a covered and concealed hide out in the woods. As opposed to standing and dying in place. Of course this is highly situational and dependent on you. If displaced from your compound you might as well be dead, if all your eggs are in that one basket.

                This is way beyond the scope of your question but stuff you need to figure out anyhow.

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                  I’d like to hear more details about what Max said, and I loved all that DizNC said as well. When I think about likely avenues of approach. It makes me wonder how smart an enemy really is going to be. Where I would be has a long driveway (175+ yds) and is about 150yds from compound to main road. Nothing pretty much but open yard and some trees between the house and the road. The yard is mowed well and it just seems like only a moron would take that as his main way into the place, though he may assume we’re defenseless. The road is to the east of the place, to the north about .75 miles is a very small town, a village really. North of the compound is all woods until you hit the village. Would desperate or ill-intended people sneak through the woods (possibly at night) and come through there? Who knows. To the south about 0.25 – 0.5 miles is a lake with homes around it, lots of nasty terrain between us and them. To the west of the compound is another home that is a friend, a tree line divides the properties, we would most likely join up and share resources. I have the capacity, in a desperate time, to have 8-12 shooters depending on who shows up. I’m the gun/tactics guy so everyone would look to me for that. It’s a family property and it would be like a “If everything gets really bad and you can’t make it on your own, everyone empty your cupboards and meet here” kind of thing.

                  I really dig the heavy-barrel AR thing too. I have plans for a 16″ (barrel I have on hand) medium weight barreled AR with a bipod, Primary arms 3x, and PMAG 40’s doubled up for 80rds with a quick reload. I would go D60’s but man I can’t spend that kind of coin on that right now.

                  I also plan to funnel intruders into certain areas if they really try to get in, and then in the opening that’s available I will put a primer igniting tripwire (See Brent0331 on YouTube and his Early Warning Tripwire video). Basically makes a loud bang and we would know to go check that out. I know I won’t be able to close all the gaps but I’m going to jump on Google Drawings with the overhead shot of the property and mess around with sectors of fire. Keep the advice coming, love it.

                  Max, point me to where I can learn about what you talked about with the principles of defense. The material I have read has been much of the USMC field manuals on The Marine Rifle Squad and Scouting and Patrolling. I have many notes on defense.

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                    I figured as much B-) It was on my list anyway.

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