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        Look in to the Saxon math program.
        We “used it” on our kids.
        Both our kids Cleped 1st semester calculus at the community college at age 15.

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          My folks used Saxon math when they homeschooled me. I did well with it since once it taught something in a lesson it would keep bringing the subject up throughout the work in the book so you didn’t forget it. I think Saxon math is common core aligned now though. Good thing I saved my books for my kids!

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            Saxon is the way to go … get the right edition though, the 4th or 5th is the common core version – cannot remember off the top of my head but the salesman was very helpful to my wife and explained it all. We are anti common core and prefer the traditional way of learning – with our brains not our feelings!

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              That is too bad.
              We used an earlier version.
              The books may be found used for a reasonable price all over the net.
              We sold ours. (Bad idea)


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                We are using Saxon math for our oldest. She was pretty advanced in public school but finding a few holes in her knowledge with Saxon. Highly recommend the non common core editions.

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