Saw this "thermal shield"

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        Was curious if Max knew about it.

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          Figures, it’s from fucking California. Sewn with pride by imported workers. Patent pending? Was that before or after the MVT Shield?

          Don’t know if Max has seen it, or if he cares. Assholes will always imitate. Put a patent on it, and then claim YOU imitated them. Business as usual.

          Someone poured an ass-load of money into that. Now I bet they’re out fishing for .gov contracts.

          Max is the first guy I EVER heard talking about this shit. You can document that from the mentions of it in his first book. And follow the development on-line.

          Although this guy will claim to have a classified DARPA R&D project that pre-dates it, no doubt.

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            Just looked it up. Their website was registered in 2004 and I called them and they started making the thermashield in 2005. On their website it says they’ll only sell it to Govt/LE but when I asked them about that on the phone they claimed that there used to be some restrictions on selling it to civilians but that they now can. Not sure how much validity there is to that.

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