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        This selection process is a bit different, but looking for the same qualities.

        I also found it interesting that the red beret is not to be touched by anyone other than the owner.

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          At 3:51 Shield Wall!!!

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            Didn’t know many Asian guys tried out for Russian SF.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Didn’t know many Asian guys tried out for Russian SF.

              Russia’s bigger than many realize.

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                Dude, that was painful. That was the equivalent of Spetznaz to Paras that Yeager is to MVT – trying too hard and a poor imitation.

                They are a bunch of good lads working hard though, even though the instructors are a little off, and missing the point. I just wasn’t that professional

                Did anyone notice any staff or recruits wearing ear pro during any of the live range phases? I didn’t.

                But what really stood out to me, straight from the mouths of the Russians themselves! The fucking AK! They have to test it at the end of the march and many do not fire. What was that, if you get sand in it, it won’t fire? And he guy late had his weapon not fire and hurt his hand trying to fix it? So even Russians admit the AK is shit!

                And any army that is doing silly karate-esque martial arts, you know is a Mickey Mouse outfit.

                But either way, respect the enemy(?) and know that I would not want to fight these guys, Tough bunch.

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                  But either way, respect the enemy(?)

                  I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are substantial differences from western methodology haha!

                  I can’t help but think this must just be the first step in their pipeline. The cadre to student ratio appeared to be very small. I took it to mean this is just the first gate, and there are probably a TON of men interested in Spetsnaz (compared to qualified men available to be cadre).

                  Does anyone know where these boys go next?

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                    Russian is my native language, so I can answer. However, I have never served in the military (ANY military), so keep in mind that I am sharing info from open sources, not my personal knowledge.
                    Sorry if I translate this using wrong words. The ideas are correct, which is important, but my choice of words may be poor.

                    “Kраповые береты” (“maroon berets”) in the video are special operations troops of the MVD, which is the Russian ministry of internal affairs.
                    Essentially, they are SWAT. Although, much more glorified.
                    They are NOT spetznaz in its original sense of the word, which belonged (still does) in the military. Hence, more hand-to-hand fighting, generally lower level of training, etc.
                    Their tasks have been expanded since the creation of the National Guard Forces, which these guys now are part of.

                    By the way, after I found the Russian article in Wikipedia, I found its English-language counterpart which is totally different. Needless to say, Wikipedia is full of shit. Anyway, here it is, and take a look at the (now, expanded) list of missions/tasks for these guys:

                    The Russian military has its own special operations groups, and more than one.

                    Note that the spetznaz in the video is listed under special law enforcement units:
                    Whereas there is a separate list of military spec ops units:

                    The most elite military unit these days, AS FAR AS I KNOW, AND I DON’T KNOW MUCH AT ALL, is SSO:
                    They have a freakin’ awesome YouTube channel:
                    The most elite FSB unit is Alpha:

                    To sum it up: the difference between these guys and military SSO (or FSB’s Alpha group) is literally the difference between a local SWAT officer and a SFOD-D operator. I.e., all of them are good and infinitely better than amateurs such as myself, but some are just much better than the others.

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                      Ahhhh, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks Dmitriy!

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