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        Never had an issue with self tuned ar mil spec trigger that i could polish myself if needed (some I couldn’t get right if the sear was the issue). Also like the geiselle qms mil spec trigger and polished psa triggers. Not too impressed with the geiselle gs trigger and would not buy again compared to the qms.

        Anyways had an issue with trigger pins on a build. Going to try a drop in trigger with kns pins. Just saw rise armament trigger for $80 at primary arms. Seems to have good reviews and been tested a bit. Going to vet it along a velocity trigger. Fyi below for those looking for a drop in trigger.


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          A few years back I tried a Larue MBT. I’ve since switched out every trigger in my AR’s with this set up. Easy to install, and is smooth as butter. Worth a look/try.


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            After having 3 different triggers from reputable companies fail in my ARs over the past dozen years, I have come to the conclusion that swapping out a factory trigger with an after market is not a good idea. It is best to just learn how to shoot your rifle using the trigger it came with. If you practice enough you can get just as good. The only aftermarket trigger that has not failed me, so far, after hard use that I have experience with is the Geissele combat trigger. And I know that some of the high end/high rep AR manufacturers, like Noveske and Primary Weapons, have excellent triggers that don’t fail.

            Again to each his own but IMO, for a battle rifle, there is no need for an aftermarket trigger. Learn to shoot it using the factory trigger.

            Or just drive on.

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              ^^ What he said. Reliability is paramount, in my book.

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                Fyi, the rise trigger did not even make it to the range. Set screws to snug the housing were loctited from factory where they could not be moved and the safety could be actuated on a dropped hammer. Trigger pull was decent but Rise has some work to do before I put one through commissioning. Nothing too big, but did not want to waste more time with it. Trigger is returned to the vendor.

                The 4 lb ‘steel case’ velocity trigger will go through commissioning. Like the design and it is snug in the lower. It seems that there is a slight rub on the safety. Should not be a big deal. Need to look into being able to replace the hammer spring for repair if needed.

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