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      D Close

        There is a wealth of knowledge out there for the topic of reconnaissance and surveillance.

        “Reconnaissance is concerned with three components: enemy, weather, and terrain. You should understand that reconnaissance is active; it seeks out enemy positions, obstacles, and routes. Since movement draws attention, good reconnaissance uses stealth to avoid detection.

        Surveillance is passive. Surveillance implies observing a specified area or areas systematically from a fixed, concealed position. A good R&S plan contains the best mix of R&S based on requirements, assets available, and the threat.” -FM 34-2-1

        The MV Tactical Manual is excellent and I highly recommend that.

        MVT TACTICAL MANUAL p145-159,
        Tactical MAPEX prob. 3 and 4 p374-395

        This is the Long Range Surveillance Unit Handbook 3-55.93

        FM 34-2-1

        USMC 3500.55B

        MCWP Ground Reconnaissance Operations

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        D Close

          This is a link to the AmRRON SPOTREP form. Observing, recording and transmitting information of intelligence value is a key product of reconnaissance.

          This form may be printed and copied as required. It is a modified SALUTE format. The numbered blocks allow easy transmission by radio or other means. Practice makes perfect.

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            I do not have a pdf of this book to offer, but I just read “Some Thoughts on Scouts and Spies: Based upon the experiences of the author and historical observation” by Gerry Barker…


            It mirrors what 1SG taught during the first day of the recce course, but in a much more watered down way. It would make a great primer or refresher for the course, but not a replacement. The only place that I saw divergence from 1SG’s lectures was avoiding hot meals due to the fire needed. Likely this is due to the book not touching on modern heating techniques, like MRE heating elements or solid fuel stoves.

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            D Close

              A book 1SG referenced in class:

              B52 Tips

              also the Recondo Manual

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