REALLY? “What Happened When I Forced Myself To Wake Up At Five AM”

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        So I didn’t actually read the article as I ponder the deeper meaning of what it means that someone would write and article like this and consider it publishable.

        So in context with what is going on I think that this is a good explanation of why the world went wacko over CV19. To sum it up: Nobody expects to have a difficult life.

        Most of the socio-economic group on MVT has on many occasions gotten up that early regularly so it is no big deal for us. I worked a job where I had to get up at 0230 and one job I held for 15 years I had to be at work at 0500 and later 0430. Of course the Army liked to get me up at 0430 and sometimes I wouldn’t go to bed until then.

        The fact is that most of America has never had to live a difficult life. A life in which there is pain, trials and tribulations. I became a nurse in 1994. My older patient population was born pre-WWII and even during the Depression. Their ability to thrive in difficult situations is in stark contrast to what I see today. My older patients now were born in the ’60s and want powerful narcotics for the aches pains of normal arthritis in their hands.

        If the economy takes a serious downturn because of the CV19 I suspect a lot of people are going to have to harden the fuck up and it is going to be quite a culture shock for them.

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          I was born in the 60’s…

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          Scott G

            Yep. I have been listening to the Jocko podcast lately and seeing posts on his social media of people sent pics of there watches at 430, getting up to workout. When not working at home do to the hype about COVID 19, I get up then so I can go to work. I have been getting up that early or earlier for most of my adult life!

            I wish I could get up then to get a jump on the day or workout. I will have to get up at 330 to do any kind of workout. Then over an hour to work and about 2 hours to get home, with 9 hours of work in the middle.

            I may read the article for the humor value!

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