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          Thanks for that…. my neighbor ordered a case of Tula 9mm a couple weeks ago thinking he was getting a good deal – I told him that it is nothing but junk when he mentioned that. I just sent that link to him.

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            It may be junk but it also may be the only thing available at some point in time. I have heard all sorts of reports about Tula being junk ammo, and it very well may be sometimes. But it is cheap and available for training. If you are burning through 10,000 rds a year, it offers a substantial savings. My only concern is about it being slightly underpowered, and inconsistent. The closest I can get it is 2 MOA at 100m. But it works fine for all those drills you need to be doing. Basically just a step above blanks, but hey it works for training.

            That being said, I’m stocking up on good 77gr for war rounds.

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              Oh ho ho!

              Having problems with that godless commie ammo / AK mags are we? Wasn’t by any chance steel cased as well?

              Oh, the vindication……

              “Get a fucking AR.” LoL.


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                Diz, I assume that you are talking about the .223 version, not the 9mm like the article was discussing? If you are getting 2 MOA with the 9mm, that is damn good!!! ;-)

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                  Nope, it was the 9mm ammo, not the x39

                  And I did have the green case incorrectly figured as Tula. It is MONARCH crap sold at Academy sports.

                  I got into my stuff earlier and looked online and the Tula is gray colored cases like the x39 (which functions flawlessly in a flawless AK LOL) I pulled some damn Monarch .308 I got at the same Academy and it’s got the green case also. So this weekend I have to shoot the Monarch .308 to find out if it’s a POS like their 9mm is.


                  So Bulgarian AK mags from SGammo.com GOOD
                  Monarch 9mm ammo from Academy SUCKS
                  AKs STILL not jamming ;-)

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                    Just this past weekend during some training my group and I were conducting we ran into an issue with MONARCH 5.45x39mm, it was jam-o-matic for one fella’s ’74. STAY AWAY FROM MONARCH!

                    Tula, on the other hand, has always worked excellent for me and those I know who use it. Specifically, mind you, in AKs and Glocks. Mostly, we use 7.62×39 and 9×19 with great success. We have, of course, had some issues with .223 in ARs every so often.

                    Is Tula great ammo? Well, no. Though, the application should dictate the measure of greatness. But, not if we’re talking accuracy, effectiveness, consistency, or any of the other admirable qualities one would want in fighting rounds. However, it is great training ammo and measured accordingly it is indeed, great ammo.


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                      Thanks Bob, it’s confirming what I think now about the Monarch stuff. Going to have to shoot the M1A this weekend. “Thought” I might have found a decent deal on 308. Cleaned out a store in Valdosta and a store in Chattanooga around the holidays of it. I’m hoping I don’t regret it.

                      That M1A was a jammatic POS to begin with and very finicky on ammo from the start, so if I had to guess already, I’d guess it’s going to be FUBAR with the Monarch. The M1A functions well with match and does well at 500 yards with it, but I still needed some more “training” ammo- hence the Craparch, oops I mean monarch :)

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                        I haven’t ran Monarch ammo so can’t speak on it but tullammo….I’ve put over 6000 9mm rds thru glock and s&w never had a problem. I’ve put over about the same if not more 7.62 thru my arsenal aks. The ammo I’ve had problems with is 9mm brassmax.

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                          I was speaking of Tula in general, and 5.56 in specific. I’ve never tried Tula 9mm. I always shot Winchester white box cuz it used to be so cheap.

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                            Come on, where the heck is Fred??? :unsure: ;-)

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                              I can run Tula 55 gr .223 mag after mag with no issues if I need to. It is not what I usually have but it was available and I tested to be sure that rifle would eat it.

                              another brand steel out of steel lipped mags sucked in the same rifle.

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                                It was that damn Monarch crap that was the 9mm in question, I was incorrect. Going to shoot some of the Monarch 308 I got over the holidays this weekend to see if that also is a POS… Hopefully not.

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                                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                  Buying budget ammo can be great, but I always start with a test lot and go from there.

                                  All choices need to be tested regardless whether we’re talking gear, food, or ammo.

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                                    My Troy factory Rifle, Colt Rifle, my PWS Rifle, my Daniel Defense Rifle, wife’s PSA rifle with FN barrel and my three LWRCis run Steel case 5.56 fine. My biggest hiccup is at times with long strings of shooting I had issues using the bolt release on the rifle in my mid length systems. carbine systems are running 14.5 and 16 inches so far no problems.

                                    Now 9mm I have ran in Berettas, HK, and Glocks but it has been a few years, no problems. I do know my AR9 SBR does not like steel cases anything so I have just bought brass cases stuff. My shooting has decreased since the twins came and the issues at work so I am lucky to put 500 rounds of 9mm and .223 in a month. Mostly shoot 9mm now due to its what I got 24/7 in a Glock. Maybe 150 rounds in drills on my ARs and a few to confirm zero in a month.

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