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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        He’s even got a rocking chair! ;-)

        I knew Rambo couldn’t fade away!

        I still enjoy 80’s action movies.

        I have seen First Blood and sequels in movie theaters over the last 40 some years.

        So why not one more… :good:

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          I still enjoy 80’s action movies.

          80’s action movies, for some reason, have way more replayability than modern action movies. I think it’s because modern action movies can use special effects/CGI as a crutch.

          The original Predator is on my re-watch list for the summer.


          Also of note is the near exponential growth of Rambo kills from movie to movie.

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            Oh, hell yeah! :yahoo:

            I can’t wait to see geriatric Rambo’s ridiculous exploits! Good, solid, mindless entertainment, no doubt.

            MVT Texas 2015-2020
            Team Cowbell / Team Coyote / Team Rekkr

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Imagine if they had gone with the ending in First Blood where Colonel Samuel Trautman kills Rambo? :negative:

              Imagine the loss to our culture! ;-)

              Imagine the loss of close to a billion in revenue! B-)

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                Best Rambo thing I remember: I saw the Rambo III (Afghanistan one?) in a dollar theater with an old college buddy back in the late 80s early 90s. IIRC Rambo’s driving a captured Soviet tank towards the Soviet bad guy who’s flying straight at Rambo in a Hind helicoptor and they’re shooting balls out at each other while running head-on. Finally they hit, and Rambo’s tank destroys the helicoptor, maybe with some scratched paint. Movie ends.
                Buddy’s comment “Bull-fucking-shit!”

                I might watch part of that one again but not the whole thing.

                Rambo II though (Vietnam in the mid-80s) that one is worth another watch.
                Best comment from that one, in the end when Rambo’s flying the shot-up helicopter full of POWs towards the base and the forget-his-name American bad guy who left him out to hang… some young black girls were watching a few rows ahead of us and when the camera showed the American bad guy nervously looking as Rambo’s coming, she said “I believe dat man be dead meat!” ROFL

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                Virgil Kane

                  I want to see a movie about Rambo running recon with SOG.

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                    Got to give Stallone credit. He keeps up on his pt. He may be juiced, but he works hard.

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      He may be juiced…

                      For the rest of us I am very much against such use, however if I was 73 and could make the millions he can doing such movies it might not be such a clear cut decision.

                      Since I am beyond the realm of being discovered as a “80’s” action movie star I’ll refrain from such use. ;-)


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                        I want to see the Rambo story where he has to hunt down all the mujahedin he fought with in Rambo III because they’re Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan now.

                        I only caught a part of that movie, it just comes off as very weird now.

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                        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                          …because they’re Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan now.


                          The Mujahideen in the village, led by chieftain Masoud, hesitate to help Rambo free Trautman.

                          The Masoud was based on Ahmad Shah Massoud.

                          He was an Afghan politician and leading guerilla commander during the resistance against the Soviet occupation between 1979 and 1989. In the 1990s he led the government’s military wing against rival militias and, after the Taliban takeover, was the leading opposition commander against their regime, who he fought against until his assassination in 2001.

                          Massoud was assassinated at the instigation of al-Qaeda and Taliban in a suicide bombing on September 9, 2001. Two days later the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United State were carried out.

                          We allied with Massoud’s forces and you should know the rest.

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                            Oh, never actually got to watch the entirety of Rambo III, but I am familiar with Massoud.

                            The problem in Afghanistan was that we outsourced most of our funding to the Pakistanis and the Saudis to do what they pleased, very little of our aid went to Massoud, the Pakistanis generally gave it to Hekmatyar instead iirc.

                            The US gov’t actually told Massoud he should surrender to the Taliban, he famously said as long as he had a piece of land the size of his hat he’d keep fighting.

                            Some agents in the CIA were trying to get the agency to support Massoud but it was too little, too late because he was assassinated shortly afterwards.

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