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        And for those of you confined to your homes with nothing to do, I give you the first episode of a YouTube short film series called Dusty Faces. Kind of a German Band of Brothers. WW2 Eastern Front squad level combat. Each episode is 10-15 minutes, seven episodes so far. Pretty entertaining. The MG-42 is the real star…

        HEAT 1 2017
        Intro to CQB 2017
        Texas HEAT 2 2018
        Operation TeaSinker 2019
        Combat Leader Course 2019
        Team Coyote
        Team Rekkr
        Team Cowbell

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          We’ll see if it continues (don’t won’t to give it away).

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            This is good, for what it is. I’d think, since this was filmed in Germany or Czech Republic, they’d get the German small unit tactics correct.

            Schutzenreihe and Schutzenkette are the two basic formations used. Schutzenreihe is the squad file, (single file) and the schutenkette is the skirmish line (line abreast). These two formations could be modified to suit the terrain or situation.

            The MG is the squad’s base of fire, and in the German system, the riflemen supported the MG. The squad (Gruppe in German) was never broken up into parts. The strength of the squad was its cohesion.

            Later in the war the number of soldiers in the Gruppe decreased but the firepower increased in some units due to the issuance of the MP44.

            I could go on for hours…. :wacko:

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