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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          I don’t trust Putin, but hope we can tone down the tension.

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            I don’t trust obummer.
            I don’t/didn’t trust killary.
            I don’t trust the neocon military industrial complex/think tanks.
            I especially do not trust the lamestream media.
            I don’t trust European/Brussels union.
            I don’t trust merkel.
            I don’t trust soros.
            I don’t trust the saudi/middle eastern monarchies/ISIS/wahabiism.
            I don’t trust political correctness.
            I don’t trust the Federal Reserve/big banks.

            I guess I have some trust issues.

            We surround Russia via NATO with missile systems, essentially on their border everywhere. We create a coup in the Ukraine, a historic part of Russia. If Russia did the same in Mexico, Canada or Cuba, we would be at the brink of/or at war. Putin does what any sane leader of a country would do, why should we expect anything different? If we did not provoke so much, it would be a safer world. What did Reagan say? Trust but verify? We have elected a sane leader who wants to get along with others rather than subjugate them.

            Better to have friends than enemies. To do otherwise invites disaster.

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              Keep friends close and enemies closer..


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                Having better relations with Russia beats the Hell out of threatening WW III.

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                  Putin has been fighting the NWO for years. Its why he shores up Syria so to keep the destabilization it has caused at bay. He is called racist and homophobic because he bans groups with ppl the left breeds, but they are the ground troops of the NWO and he knows it….

                  The feminists do entertain him .. just a bit before he tosses them in Prison..

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                    The man appreciates boobs…

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                      The neocons wanting to challenge Putin at every opportunity have this foolhardy notion that we’re the world’s only superpower so Russia will bow down to us. Russia has a long and proud history and isn’t going to submit willingly. We didn’t accept Russian interference in Cuba, we wouldn’t accept it in Canada or Mexico, expecting them to not feel uneasy with the Baltics in NATO and Ukraine looking towards the EU (which usually means NATO integration) is stupid. I wasn’t a fan of Yanukovich but refusing to find middle ground with the Russians in the aftermath of the Maidan was a fatal mistake. The Russians have legitimate security concerns in Ukraine and elsewhere and it’s arrogant that the US doesn’t talk to them as equals in their own neighborhood.

                      If you ask Gorbachev, the Russians were promised that NATO would stay out of the former Soviet republics, NATO didn’t keep their word. When Russia wanted to join NATO itself, it was denied entry. (Part of me wonders how much ass we could have kicked with Russia as a NATO ally. We did a fine job as partners in WWII.)

                      Really part of the problem in Ukraine right now is that the Western-backed government has ignored calls for federalism by the eastern population and we’ve backed them up in that accord, between Ukraine and Syria it seems hypocritical that the US would seek to deny ethnic Russians in Ukraine and Kurds in Syria the same federalist system that makes America as strong as it is. Though, then again, the folks in charge right now here would rather see all power centralized in our own federal government, so perhaps not too surprising at all.

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                        A former gf of Putin. Besides appreciating boobs, flexibility also.

                        Alina Kabaeva.

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                          hopefully this pix isn’t copyrighted like above.

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                            apparently so.

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