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        This video should be required watching. I see people getting all worked up about jack booted thuggery and such. They go off on these tirades and then comes some of the most inaccurate and stupid stupid advice you could ever read. I am sure it is well intentioned but it is full of urban legend, old wise tales, and a general misunderstanding of the law.

        I am not intending to help real criminals go free. I hope that is not what we have a bunch of here. However, our legal system is the most well thought out system of checks and balances in history. It is your civic duty to educate your self on the law and the way it works.

        This video has 2 speakers. Please listen to them both in full. It is a college education in interacting with the Police. If you are too lazy to spend 45 minutes watching this – I can’t help you. It is every bit as important as SUT for what may be coming – just for different reasons.

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          I will add this. I am not a Law Enforcement hater. I am a supporter of good men in the military, law enforcement, and civilian world. I am also the opponent of bad men found in each of the same three groups. I think, like in every other profession, there are some of both.

          This video is also recommended watching for law enforcement. With the way society is polarizing things could get bad. I think you will see law enforcement split into two groups and work overtly and covertly against each other. I would hope the men on the good side could benefit from this as well if needed.

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            I’ve seen that and it should be mandatory viewing for all of us. :)

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