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        Forum Members, Alumni, and Team Rekkr,

        Per Max’s post about lining up and potentially organizing enough people for a CQBC spring/summer class…This post is to hopefully accomplish that. I’ve looked over his early layout for the 2020 Training Calendar, hopefully the dates below will not interfere with his final layout or life schedule.

        Can we pull enough guys together for Max to host a CQBC class either April 24-26 or June 19-21? Ideally I would see it being the April timeframe, as to not have it too close to his September CQBC class- I don’t want to take away anyone who is already planning on taking that.

        This is early, but sound off below if you’re interested with intent to sign up (and show up) for an April or June class. If we can gather enough guys, Max might make this happen. If the dates above don’t work for you, then sound off with other potential, non-conflicting dates below.

        I can do either weekend but would prefer April.

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          Of those dates, April 24-26 works. I do have HEAT 1 the previous weekend so would probably prefer May 1-3.

          June 19-21 does not work. Potentially June 25-28.

          As noted, I do not want this too close to the September CQBC, 3 months ought to do it. So earlier dates are better.

          This is why I am scheduling less, so that I do not have classes that are not filled.

          If you want this to happen I need at least 8 guys who are solid and will put down money for the class.

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