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        Just wanted to throw this out there its an ad I have in other places. We raise heritage breed pigs, Gloucestershire Old Spots and have a litter on the ground now. 7 Boars and two gilts. the two gilts and two of the boars are very good candidates for breeders.

        They raise easy and are a nice market weight ~200# at about 6 months. If you want to start a homestead herd they are a great breed to work with and to cross breed. I can meet up in a radius of about 75 miles of 21701, depending. We’re going to start cutting boars this weekend. Piglets will be weaned early October.

        MVT pricing
        Boars and Gilts $300 registered, feeders (barrows) $100 two for $150.

        Check out the links below for info on the breed.

        We have these out on Craigslist and the breeder forums too. Thought someone here might be interested in them for the homestead.

        We have Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets for sale Born 11/11 . Ready to go mid December. Asking $125 for feeders and $350 for breeders (Red Group). Boars will be cut in about a week. These are hardy pigs that can forage well in pasture, are very docile and grow well. This isn’t your standard pork either, more marbling and not dry. Great for small homestead or folks looking to try growing their own. Think Black Angus steer vs a dairy steer.

        For Breeding:
        Per GOSPBU CI calculator these piglets are ~12% CI. Litter is currently registered with GOSPBU and will also be registered with GOSA. We have four boars and two gilts. Two of the boars and both gilts are excellent breeding candidates.



        Breed Advantages

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        Virgil Kane

          We raised Berkshires for a few years. We had bad luck farrowing our own and started buying pigs already weaned, vaccinated and cut. We would start out with 14 and maybe have 5 by weaning. The mother ate the last litter we had.
          I’m looking to start raising a few again.

          If you were about 8 hours closer I’d call you.

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            I raise Dexter cattle and tamworth pigs if anyone is ever interested in those breeds. Just sold 7 Dexter.

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