Packing armor rather than wearing it to an objective?

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        Heres an idea that had popped into my head. For instance a mission called for a low risk multi-day ruck into an AO. Once setting up a patrol base, following on tasking called for recon and a direct action raid on an objective. Question, Is packing your armor in the ruck and utilizing say a battle belt and chest rig as your fighting load for the initial hike in; then breaking out the armor when the time called for it flawed thinking? (the ruck I’m thinking of here is something along the lines of a MOLLE II)

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          My .02 I’m betting you have steel plates…I had them, and due to heft tried this “pack in” idea too with my large ALICE and Tactical Tailor frame. There were several reasons I bailed on this idea, the main reason being the fact that you can still run into contact moving/patrolling into your AO, and I’d want my armor on. To “train like I fight” I wanted my whole kit (Plate Carrier, Battle Belt, Chest Harness) to be like a second skin to me, and only thing I feel like I carry is my pack. Other negatives for me were: 1 it took up valuable space in my pack, 2 since my PC had Velcro I didn’t want to be messing with that noisy stuff once at AO and closer to the enemy. So I finally just bit the bullet and got the lightweight plates from Infidel so I could cut about 10lbs of weight from armor and carry more ammo, water or whatever I may need for that mission. YMMV

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            I’m going to be honest I’ve never rucked while wearing hard armor at all let alone for any significant distance. I’m a bit skeptcal of how a battle belt, hard armor and an external frame ruck are all going to come together and still allow me to shoot back effectively. I can see your point of it taking up too much room. The velcro isnt much of an issue as im using a quick relase cummerbund. I guess ill just have to try it

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            D Close

              othersteve, here’s a post by Diz on armor:
              It really comes down to PT. What can you carry effectively? There are ruck systems designed for armor. The BB shouldn’t interfere with either. It rides a bit lower on your waist anyway. If you are showing up to your ORP already wiped then what good is the armor? Side plates? I would use for mounted ops, not for a march. You might forgo armor during the recon to increase speed and stealth. You are leaving your ruck in the patrol base, maybe downsizing to a small assault pack to the ORP. You would assault with your armor, rig and BB.

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                I think it’s a valid possibility, just depends on your terrain and situation.

                Depending on your estimate of the sit, enemy contact may be such that you plan on humping the BA in your ruck on insertion/infil, and then at the ORP/ final LUP, rig for combat. Once mission is accomplished, re-group, and rig for exfil/extract. Yes there are risks involved with this, as well as any other technique.

                I see no problem with this technique as a tool in your tool box. I think there are certain times and places BA is warranted, and certain times and places when it is not. I am not advocating using it or not. I am saying you need to figure out what’s going to work for you, in your terrain and situation.

                Speaking strictly for myself, I live in a semi-tropical environment. I am also an older patriot. The thought of me carrying BA all the time is a NO-GO. Just being realistic for what is my situation. Yes that is risky. Yes I accept that risk.

                If you can afford the newer lighter stuff, or carry the heavier stuff, and if you can integrate that into your kit to wear all the time, hey drive on. Even then, I would consider packing it in the ruck for certain situations. Guys I’ve talked have told me wearing a decent ruck with BA is fucking brutal. You have a hard time getting the damn ruck to ride on the plate. And yes, even the MR rucks with the fancy side bumpers suck.

                As an alternative, I think wearing a front plate, rhody vest style, with the rear plate in your ruck is a pretty cool compromise. Again, terrain and situation.

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