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        So I’ve found myself using Twitter more often lately, not because it’s a good website to network on (it isn’t) but because there’s actually a number of independent journalists and researchers who post stuff on Twitter. Since I’m sure some of you share the same interests I do, here’s some good ones to follow.

        Remember when Vice News had a really good international reporting? One of these dudes quit and went independent, this is the result. Only so much output because it’s a small team but good stuff. (There’s also a podcast on Patreon if you really like it.)

        Jake Hanrahan is the brains behind it, he has a Twitter where he posts some interesting stuff not directly related to his work on Popular Front, including raw footage, he’s currently in Hong Kong. He has a pretty strong anti-authoritarian streak too, seems like a cool dude.

        Calibre Obscura tracks weapons and munitions in active combat zones.

        These guys also have Instagram accounts but Instagram is very ban-happy, it’s not just us gun guys that have stuff zucked.

        Also note that groups like the Socialist Rifle Association, Redneck Revolt, Oathkeepers, etc., also maintain active Twitters if you want to keep tabs on their activities, though remember that folks can see when you follow them.

        If I find any more good Twitter pages I’ll try and remember to post them here, feel free to add some yourself.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Lost in the filters until now. ;-)

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            Thanks, great info

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              Twitter and the scum who run it need to be sent a Syrian prison camp for justice. So I made a mild quip about that dorky swedish kid and got a 12 hour suspension. So ok no biggie except to start the 12 hour bad person routine you have to give those scum your phone number, well since I am not a super secret spy I only have my normie call me phone. Ok so I say eff it and told them to deactivate my account, guess what the scum won’t do deactivate the account now I’m hostage to that group of utter scum. And RR is right if you follow the lefty authoritarian scum he mentions, they then will follow you and then turn you into their friends at twitter HQ and off goes your damned account at the least provocation, scum.

              My suggestion don’t put much effort into creating a presence on it if you are a nobody like me.

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