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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Ballistic Helmet Upgrades Overview
        Painless • Safer • Quieter®
        Oregon Aero’s patented ballistic helmet pads were developed in 1997 for the U.S. Army Special Operation MICH helmet. To this day our helmet pads continue to provide users with superior shock absorption, maximum comfort, and a multitude of other benefits—see features and benefits below. Oregon Aero Ballistic Helmet upgrade Kits are available for ACH, LWH, PASGT, MICH, RBR, Protech, CVC, and other types of helmets.

        Oregon Aero Ballistic Helmet Upgrades are available in two kit forms:

        BLSS® Kit: (Ballistic Liner and Suspension System) Upgrade Kit includes 7 liner pads and our 4 point chin strap/harness with integrated nape pad.

        BLU® Kit: (Ballistic Liner Upgrade) kit includes the 7 helmet liner pads only.

        Features and Benefits
        Pain-free comfort, no matter how long you wear your helmet

        Pads minimize helmet movement helping to keep the helmet in place

        Oregon Aero pads provide superior shock absorption and blast protection

        Self-wicking fabric covers dissipates moisture keeping your head cooler and drier

        Upgrade kit does not interfere with gas mask or night vision goggles

        Liner pads are non-flammable and will not melt in high temperatures

        Waterproof. Tested to a depth of 66 feet for 12 hours
        Positively buoyant pads enable helmet to float in water

        Pads do not cause irritation or itchiness

        Upgrade kit is easy install in minutes

        Hook and loop fastener strips grip and keep pads securely in place

        Upgrade kit requires no modifications to the helmet shell

        Reduces internal sound reverberation for reduced helmet noise

        Pads are easy to clean with mild soap and water

        Ballistic Helmet Testing

        Additional Testing
        The Oregon Aero BLSS® kit padding has been subjected to and passed testing in the following conditions:

        Twelve hour submersion under 66 feet of saltwater

        Exposure to fuels, oils, insect repellent, and camouflage face paint

        Proved to be compatible with gas mask and night vision goggles

        Holds up in extreme temperatures: -60°F to +160°F

        What’s inside the pads?

        Oregon Aero ballistic helmet pads have two layers of Visco-Elastic foam. The blue layer rests against the helmet and provides a firm foundation for impact protection. The pink layer faces the wearer and is more supple. This layer conforms to your contours for a snug and comfortable fit. The Helmet Cushioning Pad Core Pink and Blue Edge Color pads are coated with our proprietary moisture and waterproof yet gas permeable coating.

        What Looks Simple—Isn’t

        Some Oregon Aero products look simple, but in reality undergo complex research, design, and manufacturing processes. Manufacturing the patented Oregon Aero Ballistic Helmet Liner Pads requires precision engineering of multiple components. In fact, each visco-elastic pad we produce requires 55 individual components and 27 manufacturing steps.

        Drums are loaded and materials are mixed to create the proprietary coating applied to each helmet liner pad. This patented coating makes Oregon Aero Helmet pads waterproof and positively buoyant.

        Ok that’s what Oregon Aero has to say!

        If you haven’t spent a lot of time in a helmet you may not appreciate the difference comfort makes!

        If you haven’t reviewed the Ballistic Helmet Testing link you really don’t get the Safety diffenece!

        TBI? PDF Helmet Protection against Traumatic Brain Injury: A Physics … Highly recommended!

        I’ve been a believer in Oregon Aero products for about 25 years now. A quick side note if your involved in aviation check out their other products.

        I suspect many here think of bullet resistance when thinking about ballistic helmets, but I believe you would be remiss if you forget about blast effects as well. Just because your fighting mutant bikers does not mean you won’t have the threat of explosions. From improvised to military grade, these threats are out there.

        Recent studies have shown that helmets without padding are actually worse than no helmet from blast alone due to TBI injury.

        Awhile back I had reported my ultimate yard sale find. A excellent condition PASGT helmet for $5.00!

        I have other helmets, but I could not pass that up.

        I finally got around to upgrading it to modern standards with the Oregon Aero BLSS® Kit for the PASGT Helmet. This kit costs $139.00 with green or black straps and $71.00 for coyote straps. For anything other than airsoft even these prices are worth it in my opinion!

        However patient searching on eBay I found a new in packaging kit for $39.00.

        So $5.00 helmet, $39.00 BLSS, $8.00 PASGT multicam cover, and $3.00 helmet band equals $55.00 ballistic helmet protection. B-)

        The current issue padding is not as good as Oregon Aero’s in my experience.

        $5.00 PASGT helmet.

        BLSS Kit as recieved.

        Contents of package.

        Installed BLSS kit.

        Ready for what may come.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Already have a helmet with inferior padding?

          You can purchase the replacement padding alone.

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            OA is nice, but, have you tried 4D tactical pads? It’s like setting your noggin’ in between a big pair of, well, you get the idea.

            I’m not kidding.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              OA is nice, but, have you tried 4D tactical pads? It’s like setting your noggin’ in between a big pair of, well, you get the idea.

              I’m not kidding.

              Never heard of them before!

              If I ever wear out a set of pads I’ll check them out.

              Of course in this case upgrading a PASGT is more than just pads.


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                Oh yeah the new std. I rocked out OA stuff 10 years ago but 4D takes it to the next level I shit you not.

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