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        I stumbled upon this bit of history, and I thought it worthwhile to share.

        Operation Ginny was a mission conducted by a 15-man team of the OSS during WWII in Italy. Under the unconventional warfare (UW) mission profile, the team was to conduct a raid to destroy a railway tunnel in order to disrupt German logistics. It failed miserably.

        Without giving it away, after the war, the very first war crimes trial/execution was due to events occurring during Operation Ginny.

        READ THIS:

        Quicker Read (but less detail): https://www.apathtolunch.com/2012/04/liberation-day-ameglia-executions.html

        General Anton Dostler’s final days:

        Personally, I think it’s kind of BS that he took the fall for Gen. Kesselring.

        The reason this mission came up on my radar was really that I’ve been trying to read up on the OSS more. I think there is much to be learned, specifically from OSS (and SOE) from a civilian and 4th Gen warfare perspective.

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          Good read…….Another important reminder of “you don’t want to lose”, whether it be as a soldier (on an operation/mission) or as a leader (on the losing side of a conflict/war).

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            There’s also the common theme in many doomed special operations missions: being compromised by the locals.

            Also, it’s kinda difficult to hide big yellow boats.

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