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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Noblex is part of Docter Optics which makes high end German optics.

        Noblex Glock MOS Sight


        The dot allows absolute co-witness with the sights on the pistol, which is a uniqueness of its own to be found amongst reflex red dot sights for handguns. It’s interesting to know that the other red dot sights cannot be aligned with the sights because of the height of the housing. Since the device is very low and compact, you can easily overlook it on a pistol. The Primary field of use of the Noblex Glock MOS sight is not in the shooting range – it’s all about keeping it small, concealed and compact when shooting, moving and carrying your handgun.

        There isn’t much information about this sight, but I like the idea.

        I am not a fan of bigger windows and with today’s technology we should see these pistol sights getting smaller. Field of view? Sure on a rifle, but on a pistol how much will be obscured?

        Anyway it’s something I’ll be keeping an eye on.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Thought I would add that my interest in this is less about latest trends and more about my aging eyes.

          I found a solution that works well now, see Sight modification for aging eyes.

          Hopefully my near vision will not deteriorate much more, but I am monitoring developments in pistol optics just in case.

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            Theses do look interesting. I’ve been running a Trijicon rmr for I would guess around 8/10 years can’t really remember. Dave Bowie did the slide milling for me. He does good work. We would jab back and fourth to each other because he preferred the Delta Point because of its bigger window. Now this comes out with a super small window and many people might say that would slow you down picking up the red dot, but here’s the deal. With a red dot you don’t look for the dot, you use your BUIS sights and the dot will be there. That is the issue with no training. You still use your irons. So upon seeing this little rascal that will go on with no slide modification, which costs around $300.00 by the way, then add to that the rmr, this is way cheaper. I do have raised suppressor sights now which you must use to quickly pick up the dot.
            This small profile sight if it’s as durable as an rmr might be a good option.

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