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        (click any image for a larger view)

        Source of Intel:

        First person Intel suggests the “Solja Boyz” Marauders will be expanding their reach into Newfoundland valley. This intelligence was harvested from a reliable source at the Mudflats Barter-town Bazaar by a trusted and uncompensated “watcher”. The “Solja Boyz” have hastily improvised repairs on the bridge to our north. The river use to be our natural frontier. This gives them unfettered access to the ruins of Lynssburg, thus access to the mouth of Newfoundland Valley and our home and hearth. Winter is coming and their leaders want the base camp up and producing before the first snow. Their basis for using this area is pre-war experiences not necessarily any current and actual information gathered on this area.

        **OPFOR Objective:

        **Their Objective is setting up an overt base-camp at the shore of Lake Rogers. This will offer the “Solja Boyz” an unacceptable foothold into our territory south of the river. Their overall purpose of this territorial expansion and incursion into Newfoundland Valley is to set up a camp for the purpose of hunting and harvesting its relatively abundant and untouched wildlife to feed its dependents and fighters. Latest report from the watcher is only 12 hours old and conclusively suggest this incursion force will arrive tomorrow at dawn or just after sun up.

        **OPFOR Forces are as follows: (Personnel numbers are probable, vehicles are actual and verified)

        1. Old UPS Delivery Truck loaded with Stores and Supplies. No mounted weapons but the Sky Light in the rear had been removed giving a shooter roof access to the truck
        3x Fighters-All armed with M4s and 4 Dependents-Armed with mix mash of weapons.

        2. Ford F350 Stake Body Truck painted camo. Its loaded with Stores and Supplies. No mounted weapons.
        3x Fighters-All armed with M4s and 3 Dependents-Armed with mix mash of weapons.

        3. Armored Hummer tooled with an M2/50 Cal and supplies.
        5x Fighters- All armed with M4s

        4. Armored Hummer tooled with an M2/50 Cal and supplies.
        5x Fighters-All armed with M4s

        (Officer in charge will be in one of the 2 Hummers)

        No heavy weapons are known to have been loaded for use by the incursion force. Historical fighting habits of the “Solja Boyz” suggest they will always reserve heavy weapons for fighting rival Marauders and majors offensives. No special personnel are suggested to be with the incursion force. However Information does suggests many are being sent there as a penal solution for internal problems. This suggest possible discipline and unit cohesion issues within their unit.

        **They will have a permanent OPFOR base-camp/back-up force located at the old Gymnasium at Lynssburg Elementary School.

        **OPFOR Back up force: (Personnel numbers are probable, vehicles are actual and verified)

        1. Ural Motorcycle with Sidecar.
        2x Fighters-Armed with AK variants

        2. 2x Enduro type motorbikes
        1 Fighter each. Armed with M4s

        3. 1 Ford family type Station wagon painted camo. Staple of supply and transport for the Back-Up base camp and its duties. No mounted weapons. 3 Dependents- Armed with a mix mash of weapons

        (The Base Cap force will escort the Incursion force to Lake Rogers to assist in construction)

        **OPFOR Comms:

        **Each vehicle is tooled with variously capable CB radios and most lead personnel have hand held FRS radios. They use Channel 9 on the CB and channel 13 of the FRS handhelds. There are no known comms abilities with/to their Mother units. Information suggest the parties will use runners for long range comms do to the mountainous terrain and lack of proper long range abilities. Further discussion with our “watcher” may suggest the lack of comms is a penal condition as they maybe being treated as “expendable”, but no know long range comms are know to be available to them. The Incursion Force and Lynssburg base camp unit can communicate with each other from the distance of Lake Rogers to the town with existing comms. They also may employ Marine Signal flares to signal each other as a large supply was indicated by the watcher. No known codes or encryption solutions are know.


        The Watcher reported seeing chainsaws and other obstacle defeating tools being loaded. This is suggesting they expect the presence of natural occurring tree falls to block their path of Rogers Road especially since the north area was ripped by a forest fire. Concurrently our watcher also suggest a great likelihood that they think this valley is devoid of human settlements or human activity. The watcher suggests that the Solja Boyz leadership thinks this area has been abandoned since the falls of Lynssburg 2 years ago. The advantage of the unknown is in the defenders favor. The watcher suggests a rough total of 30 OPFOR. No follow up forces are expected. A Runner is expected back in 4 days with a verbal report of their progress.


        The Incursion force will have one avenue of ingress and egress once they’re through Lynssburg: South on Rogers Road. If the Lynssburg group and incursion group are not together this will pose a huge problem.


        Plan to destroy the incursion force. No prisoners of any kind are authorized. No children are expected so hone your prejudice. Material gains are secondary. Assault to destroy. Smash the Invaders. We dig in and settle in at 0200. Sunrise it @ roughly 0500-0530

        Defending forces:

        1. 7 Fighting positions with a base compliment of three men each.
        35 defenders with M4s. 2 frags and one purple smoke grenade for each man.

        2. Support weapons:
        2x PKM LMGs, 1x Barret-Light 50., 2 M249 SAWs.

        3. Heavy Weapons:
        2x AT-4, 2x 66MM LAW, 2x RPG-16s 4 Claymore type IEDs

        Assault Plan:

        1. The Invaders must clear the natural dead falls to ingress. (“DF Road Block” on the map). This will provide ample audible warning as well as visually seeing them from the far north LPOP (B/C-0). Radio traffic will also be monitored. Once the convoy has cleared the road blocks they will be allowed to proceed south on Rogers Rd to their planned base-camp (green circle on the map) below Hochstein Ridge where the main assault force is positioned. Current road condition after clearing the road will provide a maximum of 10 minutes to the bowl and the kill zone.

        2. They have no choice but to pull into their planned base-camp inside the bowl area or to stop on the road. DF Road Blocks block the road further ahead. As the lead vehicle goes down the hill and into the bowl/kill zone and the rear vehicle pulls and into the kill zone LPOP B/C-0 will initiate the ambush at the rear with an AT-4 with a simultaneous attack from LPOP A/C-5 with their AT-4 to the lead/nearest vehicle. After the AT-4s are expended, both LPOPs will open up with PKM LMGs for one minute or as necessary pushing any survivors into the center of the kill zones.

        3. Immediately after the AT-4 impacts, C1 and C3 will launch one rocket each from their RPG-16 at targets of necessity in the center..if the situation presents itself to save the RPGs and go strait to rifles and/or M249s-make it so. Concurrently C2 will provide accurate deliberate fire at targets of opportunity. Small arms saturation should be through but as conservative as possible to eliminate targets.

        5. 8 seconds later LPOP “CZ” on Bone Ridge will detonate the IEDs and hold there with the Barret Light 50 proving over-watch for any OPFOR that make it out of the kill zone and into the outter bowl area ..

        6. Immediately after the IEDs are detonated LOPO A/C-5 and C4 (splitting the 2x LAWs between the 2 teams) are to proceed to the south most DF road block as a reserve follow up and blocking element to prevent any survivors from going south in the direction of home.. If available proceed to the next DF road block to deny its use as cover for the enemy.

        7. C-0 through C3 will move down for scrubbing up. C-0 will approach ahead from the north flank followed by the remaining assault groups who will provide cover and over-watch from the east on the ridge. C4 and C5 have the south flank. All fire will be directed into the bowl.


        Current weather patterns suggest a sunny day and that will put the sun to our back and in their faces. Also the immediate area was flattened by a forest fire during the war. Target acquisition and line of site is not difficult and there’s still very appropriate of cover and concealment for the Defenders.

        OPFOR POV as best as photobucket would allow..

        This was exhausting.. and using Photobuckt editing is simply midevil.


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          Bergmann: this is excellent, well done. More of this stuff please!

          I need more time to scrub through it.

          Quick points from the hip:

          1) I would like a scale on the diagram to get an idea of ranges.

          2) You are familiar with the area and may have an idea of intervisibility. I am not sure with the specific placement of the groups whether each location will have the correct visibility. Recce will be required, and a leaders recce as part of occupation of the ambush, which may change things.

          3) I am nervous about position CZ, being opposite the ambush and lilley within the impact zone from it. But then I am not as familiar with the ground and the ranges are not clear to me. Why initiate the IEDs from the far side? I would have this as the ambush commanders call. I would also consider initiating with the IEDs (think claymores) because that may be the most devastating action (most casualty producing effect) if you catch them on the road.

          4) I would simplify the ambush and the fire plan. Again, detail is in ‘Contact!’ in the ambush section under patrolling. Think stop groups either end of the kill zone, which also provide OP early warning. Think kill group divided into either rifle maneuver elements if you only have rifles, or if you have belt feds, as you do, then a support group or two, and a maneuver group of rifle men.

          5) If you have enough PKM’s you can have a support group at each end of the kill group, alternatively or as well as you can have support PKMs in one of both stop groups, depending on terrain, range and fields of fire. You can also disperse your AT rockets as best per the terrain and plan.

          6) Having a concentrated kill group supported by stop groups simplifies the plan and concentrates fire into the kill zone. Once the enemy are no longer active, the cover groups cover while the maneuver groups fight through and exploit the ambush site / enemy dead.

          These pointers are intended to be constructive and do not detract from the fact that I am stoked that you did this exercise. There is nothing wrong with being unconventional, as with the plan you have described, just ensure that this does not detract from the control and effect of the ambush.

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            These pointers are intended to be constructive and do not detract from the fact that I am stoked that you did this exercise. There is nothing wrong with being unconventional, as with the plan you have described, just ensure that this does not detract from the control and effect of the ambush.

            THANK YOU.

            I didn’t take any of them as anything other then another step forward. Also I recognize and agree with all your points. Whats more is I admit that between the technical issues on the net with the pic editor, and screen fatigue draining my fine Nordic soul, that I lost a lot of continuity in my Solution. I could have done better.

            I’ll get you the scale info tomorrow if you’re still interested. I’ll find pictures too. I’m exhausted at the now from staring at this computer to do anymore tonight.


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              This has been helpful. Ive decided against getting the distance scale and posting it for this 1st scenario and here’s why:

              To simply the process for me and to better help myslef keep track of my own progress at redeveloping my train of thought in regards to this and to better understand my weakness and strengths I’m going to keep going with my fictional situation with follow up missions in this thread. I figure by being able to look back and not make the same mistakes again it will better help me and also anyone who looks it over and sees where I fuked up..But I need to reorder CONTACT before I try this again..


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                Bergmann that was really cool. Like Max said, hard to really see what’s what with the scale of the map and lack of any ground recce, so I would leave that up to you there on the ground.

                My only suggestion, to build on what Max suggested, is to possibly simplify things, by trying to get to a curve in the road, where the supporting arms could be deployed on the short arm of a classic “L”-shaped ambush. That way the your MG’s and rockets could lay fire down the entire length of the ambush, as your small arms fire light up their individual sectors, giving you a nice cross fire into the kill zone.

                You could still deploy two stop groups on either end to deal with squirters, or make it a running ambush, with multiple teams, as done by the Muj against Rooshins. With several MG’s and a Barrett, not to mention some AT-4’s you have several options there.

                The IED’s are the icing on the cake. They could be used to initiate the ambush, as well as discourage anyone from assaulting you. Depends on if you want to leave the back door open, so they can go back into their territory, or if you want to destroy them in place. Perhaps one could be laid on their flank in a likely position they would take cover from the ambush. This would also cover the ambush team(s) to their direct front.

                Very good shit my man. I’m just used to a 5 para order format, but hey, you can easily incorporate that into your plan.

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                  Thank you. I will go to scale references on my next scenario. I suspect I’ll plan a solution to take out the bridge for my next post. I’ll try better next time. I know some of it was hard to understand and it got confusing but I’m glad the professionals saw what I was doing, regardless of my blatherskyping…

                  However, I took a lot into considerations in selecting the bowl as the kill zone. Specifically I wanted to use the terrain to save resources for the Defenders while still sending a clear message to the Solja Boyz for the future by smashing their convoy and killing them all.. I took into consideration the lake, swamps and marshes to the west that would deny a way out for anyone surviving the lightening and thunder. I also wanted to deny anyplace for survivors to rally for a counter attack should anything go wrong in the ambush. This seemed to be the appropriate spot to keep them not only bottle-necked but keep the cork in the bottle as well. Also where the PKM/AT4 LPOPs were located Ive physically seen so it seemed appropriate in my mind, but I get it would have been better to offer scale for the critique.

                  As to the opening lighting- I chose the AT-4s and PKM to push more fighter to the center if possible to maximize the effect of the IEDs when they popped off. Again possibly saving resources. i thought if I popped the the IED first it might have pushed Fighters out of the kill zone.

                  You could still deploy two stop groups on either end to deal with squirters, or make it a running ambush, with multiple teams, as done by the Muj against Rooshins. With several MG’s and a Barrett, not to mention some AT-4’s you have several options there.

                  Thank you for the above. I emailed Max yesterday and explained how it all seemed to be going well right up to the follow up/end. I’m glad he didn’t answer and so I just went with it. Using the terrain with the defenders- It got a bit confusing to chose the correct course of action as it wrapped up.. One thing i didn’t want to happen was to give any of the Solja Boyz a foot out the door and have my solution fail by leaving an escape gap for a possible raslly up of Fighters and them launching a counter attack or them reaching the wilderness and eventually Home..

                  Thanks fellas..


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                    OK yeah like I said you know the terrain and I like how you want to trap them in a fish bowl. Good deal.

                    If you want, check out my ramblings on the essay contest page about Small Unit Leadership Development. It gives the Troop leading steps, and the 5 para order format, which just gives you a standard format everybody can understand. Like if you, and Max, and I all got together, by using a standard format to plan and brief out missions, we could all get on the same sheet of music much quicker. Just a template you flesh out with the details.

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