New type body armor – UDPE….. v 0.50 cal BMG

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        Anyone have any experience with??

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Well that certainly got my attention!

          Though I suspect there may have been enough deformation to potentially still be fatal, however it was a .50 BMG at 20 yards.


          Definitely want to learn more.

          Remember this?

          Want to see this with the fifty? ;-)

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            Yeah, there’s still the kinetic energy (blunt force trauma) to deal with BUT IT WAS A 50 BMG :yes:

            So stopping a 5.56, a 7.62, even a .338 Lapua should be doable…….

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              That gun will.put a smile on your face.

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                That is very impressive.

                My 50 is is pushing my 750 Amax reloads at right around 2800fps. My data for the Factory load he was using is around 2700fps.

                That is 13,812 ft-lb of energy at the muzzle.

                To give you an idea, for those that don’t fully know the power with respect to other rounds, here is some data I pulled (I don’t claim 100% accuracy,just get an idea):

                9mm 124gr ( P): 384 ft-lb
                .45ACP 230gr. : 360 ft-lb
                5.56 (55gr) : 1254 ft-lb
                308 (150gr) : 2617 ft-lb

                Stopping the 50bmg is impressive. However I suspect you would still be dead due to internal trauma. Of course I doubt they are claiming it would save you life anyway in this case.

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                  That load per Hornady has 13,241 pounds of energy at the muzzle. Total crush on anything behind the plate. Very cool the load didn’t pass through the plate.

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                  Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                    Stopping the 50bmg is impressive.

                    Total crush on anything behind the plate.

                    Wheelsee has the right context!

                    So stopping a 5.56, a 7.62, even a .338 Lapua should be doable…….

                    Even considering this…

                    However I suspect you would still be dead due to internal trauma.

                    Very cool the load didn’t pass through the plate.

                    …having seen the effects of the .50 BMG on people and assuming this wasn’t a fluke. I would still rather have the round stopped vice the alternative.

                    At least theoretically; IMHO, it would be preferable. ;-)

                    Certainly less mess! :yes:

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)


                      Video description text:

                      Published on Jul 20, 2017
                      Watch Veterans MFG UltraLight 4.2 lbs Armor Plate Stop a .50 BMG from 15 yeards!

                      As we mention in the shoot, we did this more as a fun stunt than an actual test. We know we make excellent, UltraLight Body Armor but we didn’t expect it to hold up so well against the MONSTER .50 BMG.
                      Although the plate does stop the round, Veterans MFG is not claiming that if a person wearing this plate while hit with a .50 will survive – on the contrary you will get hurt and could very possibly not survive the 13,310 ft·lbf of kinetic energy. In short, not not try this at home because while the plate will be okay – you will not, you’ll probably die.

                      Special thanks to Arena Gun Club and the good people of Laredo Texas.

                      Bold mine.
                      Certainly interesting.

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                        If I’m understanding correctly, the concept of BA (body armor) is to prevent penetration, in this case into the body cavity where vital organs (heart, lungs, great vessels) are located. The use of BA does NOT alter the laws of physics (energy transfer).

                        So while penetration trauma is limited or nullified (see above video), blunt force trauma remains. My take-away from the video is more of a product which will prevent the penetration of rounds.

                        While the 50 BMG is impressive for size and ft-lbs, kinetic energy is more influenced by velocity rather than mass (kE = ½mv2 or one-half the mass times velocity squared). So I am curious if penetration could be achieved with one of the ultra-fast rounds, say above 3000 fps.

                        Again, my take-away from the video is an impressive BA stopping a 50 BMG from penetrating.

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                          I love when jerry laughs after a shot! That dude is a national treasure.

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                            I think bullet composition will do more than higher KE. My numbers were just to show that the 750gr round has tremendous energy, not easily replicated.

                            For instance to equal the KE of the 50bmg a 55gr bullet would have to be traveling around 10,300 fps! I am pretty sure that a standard FMJ would shatter mid-air way before 10k fps do to RPMs of the bullet.

                            Some quick calculations to get a 556 to match KE of the 50:

                            Round Grains F/S KE (Joules)
                            5.56 55 3200 1695.24
                            5.56 62 3200 1910.99
                            50bmg 750 2800 17698.85
                            SUPERDUPER556 55 10320 17631.52
                            SUPERDUPER556 62 9738 17696.97

                            My point was only one of amazement that that armor would stop the 50. And my point was that really is hard to match the KE with a rifle round due to the fact that the 50 is moving close to the velocity of the 556 and weighs over 10x more.

                            There are rounds that push into the 4k fps, but they are not practical as they destroy barrels very quickly. The one round I remember off the top of my head is the 220 Swift, but they were doing 4k with LIGHTER bullets (35-45gr).

                            The point here is that faster is not practical for beating the 50 in KE.

                            I think that bullet construction would be more important for defeating this stuff. Possibly a tungsten core in the 3000fps range could pop through? Would be interesting to see more testing.

                            All this being said, is it for sale and where? (not had time to research yet ;) )

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                            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                              Veterans MFG

                              While they certainly got my attention, I need more info about this company and as far as I can tell only some of their armor has been certified (if that matters to you). Some of the descriptions are somewhat vague with a cursory look.

                              Not against them, but a couple of videos are insufficient proof.

                              I remember the Dragon Skin Armor was very impressive in video, but had significant issues (not sure if ever resolved).

                              That said I definitely want to look more at this.

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                              First Sergeant

                                I remember the Dragon Skin Armor was very impressive in video, but had significant issues (not sure if ever resolved).

                                I remember when that came out. I followed it because everybody thought it was the next step in the evolution of BA. They never resolved those issues and their concept died.

                                Signal Out, Can You Identify
                                Je ne regrette rien
                                In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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                                  Reminds me of the DKX armor. Tho I don’t think they ever did the 50 cal test.

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