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        Hey guys,

        You may or may not have heard that Sig Sauer is getting into the ammo business with a line of personal defense ammo called “V-Crown”. It’s actually made by Sig, in a Sig Sauer facility — unlike some of the other ammo out there that’s being branded as made by a firearm company.

        If you’re interested, we did some chronograph and ballistic gel testing of the new rounds. Sig’s rounds performed pretty well in the larger calibers but didn’t function nearly as well as some of competition in .380 and 9mm.

        If you’re curious, we’d love to hear your thoughts about the tests.

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          Thanks for posting it!
          I’ll be sure to watch it tonite!

          Do you think they will come out w/ 5.56mm Ammo too? :bye:

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            Thanks for the welcome! Good question about 5.56 — we asked a lot of questions about what kind of infrastructure they have at the Kentucky facility these pistol rounds are being made. Given the amount of rounds the civilian market shoots, I have to believe 223/5.56 are on their radar. It may be an issue of the equipment necessary to load those rounds at this point. (Note, that’s just my best guess— Sig Sauer hasn’t given us comment on either way on rifle rounds).

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              Thanks for the quick reply.
              We wish you continued good luck in your business.

              Don’t be a stranger and keep us updated! :yes:

              PS: Enjoy the site and also feel free to post as your time permits.

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