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        I’ve been discussing with Scott (i.e. First Sergeant) a new class. The reconnaissance class. We will be bringing this online in 2020. However, there is a chance that, given sufficient interest and ability to actually sign up, we may run one of them towards the end of November.

        This will be a 3 day Reconnaissance class (Friday – Sunday). Scott will take the lead, based on his LRRS experience, which of course was informed by all that experience from Vietnam, SOG etc.

        On HEAT 2, we run a day / night intro to reconnaissance patrol, with the CTR on an enemy base. This will take the recon / recce function to the next level, and train you as a recce patrol over 3 days. It will include all the stuff you need to know including basic fieldcraft and patrolling, specific IA drills for these patrols (i.e. center peel / peel as Scott used to do.

        It will be an airsim class with an OPFOR. There will either be unintended fighting if you get compromised, and there will be an offensives element in the tradition of SOG. Exact POI is being written.

        Max students are 8. We will need an OPFOR. If I can get a whole NVA regiment as OPFOR, then that would be best. :yahoo:

        I am writing this post prior to creating the class page and scheduling anything, to get an idea of interest.

        Oh yes, this specific reconnaissance training is not included on CLC, but we will be further adjusting and refining missions / objectives on this year’s CLC to include our current fetish for SOG war stories!

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          Can we wear tiger stripe camo?

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          HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
          HEAT 2 (CP) X1
          FOF X3
          OPFOR X2
          CLC X2

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              Only if you fire your CAR15 from the hip. Good enough for SOG.

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                Any class prerequisites, other than Heat 1?

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                    No prereqs at this time. AirSim class. Specific teaching on reconnaissance. Obviously best in combination with HEAT 1 & 2 & CLC.

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                    In for 2020

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                      Also in for 2020 as long as I can get time off (usually not a problem.)

                      CQB 04/19
                      Heat 1 06/19
                      Heat 2 08/19
                      CLC 10/19

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                        Who is in for Nov 22-24? Need 6 max 8 guys to run it. Need a regiment of NVA OPFOR.

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                          New HEAT Reconnaissance page is newly created on the site. Just no dates yet. It’s either gonna be in the 2020 schedule or if we can get some interest, November 22-24.

                          HEAT Reconnaissance

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                          Tom F

                            2020 for sure

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                              I am in for 2020. Can’t make the 2019 class as I have the NOD class the week before and am out of leave time from work.

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                                I am likely in, just need to make sure no conflicts

                                Sounds awesome

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                                  I see this is an airsim class. Any rough ideas on a gear list? If I can make the schedule work I’m certainly interested in a 2020 course!

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                                    Let’s not worry about who is in for 2020. Let’s just worry about who is in for Nov 22-24? Need 6 max 8 guys to run it. I need to get an idea so I can make a decision on that near date.

                                    Yes, it’s airsim. You just need your usual field gear. Scott will put out a gear list, he is at HEAT 0.5 this weekend. There may be additional suggestions along the lines of head / shoulder scrim netting etc.

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                                      What do you estimate the cost to be?

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                                          Never mind… Just saw it. I would be interested in November

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                                          I am in for 2020. Can’t make the 2019 class as I have the NOD class the week before and am out of leave time from work.

                                          I will buy out your slot in the nods class.

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                                            It looks like, that is if all goes well, I will be traveling to Romney quite a few times in 2020.

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                                              I’m in for one space for 2019 recon class and possibly 2 depending on whether 9/28 FOF happens

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                                                  FoF 9/28 isn’t going to happen. It’s a shame given I put it on attempting to replicate the huge success of the last one, but moving people to train and sign up is hard.

                                                  I’ll get online and take that class down.

                                                  I think I will put the Recon class up and go for it. What I might do is put a deposit option down like I used to do, in case we don’t get to 6. Max will be 8. Then once I get the numbers, I’ll ask people to pay up in full. We can use the payment tab for balance amount to keep things simple.

                                                  One of the issues is OPFOR for the Saturday / Sunday. I really want a lot of OPFOR. We would need people for the Saturday afternoon / evening and Sunday morning. It would be tons of fun. Don’t want to give too much of the training plan away, but it will be fun for OPFOR too. Hunter / killer would be more apt.

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                                                  I have created an event for this class for Nov 22-24. It is showing in the training calendar. It is noit yet showing top right of the HEAT Reconnaissance class page itself, because I lack the IT widgetry to make that happen and will get that fixed next week.

                                                  This is what we are going to do: the vent allows you to make a deposit only. $100. Class price is $700. Once we get the minimum number (6, max 8) for the class, it will be a go and I will ask you to settle up the balance via the payments tab at the top of the website.

                                                  If the class does not make minimums, I can refund the $100 or you can leave it against a future class.

                                                  Let’s get this show on the road!

                                                  Here is the event for booking:

                                                  VTC Romney: HEAT Reconnaissance

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