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        This looks brilliant. Entirely functional fitness for combat. The only thing I can sacrastically say is not in there is:

        1) trench digging.
        2) Sitting around freezing your ass off!

        This is way better than the crossfit-abortion the US Army is bringing in.

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            Some of this may he a little complex if you wanted to do it yourself. Looking at the weights, which are of course in KG, it usually inluded kit, helmet, body armor (if worn) and rifle.

            So translating the first loaded marches, there are two time standards (infantry / Royal Armored Corps and 16 Brigade / Para). However the loaded marches work out at roughly:

            2.5 miles (4 KM) heavy march at 40 KG of equipment. 40 KG = 90lbs approx. That probably works out to the old standard of the 55lb bergan plus rifle, helmet, (maybe body armor)
            for the old combat fitness test, which was an 8 miler.

            Although 55lb leaves 35lb which may include weight of belt kit, rifle and helmet.

            Following that the march is 1.2 miles with 25KG = 55lbs total. They mention belt kit and daypack so you probably drop the ruck, put on the daypack to include webbing and helmet for a total of 55lb.

            This is supposed to be run on flat-ish or gently rolling ground. This is something that could be recreated by yourselves if you were interested.

            Casualty drag and water can carry could also be fairly easily recreated.

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              What I like about the test is it’s relative simplicity (and focus). This should give soldiers and leaders a meaningful assessment without the administrative nightmare of the ACFT

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                Would the results for this kind of test be age normed, meaning old folk gettin a break.

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                Robert Henry

                  After doing the MVT fitness test last December at CQB I started adding farmer’s carries in. Now when we go out to TAB we carry kettle bells the first 300 yards out then drop them and pick them back up on the way back. I’ve worked up to carrying 30’s and J carries the 20s now.

                  Having a couple sets of kettle bells around the house allows you to “move” them from room to room here and there as you go about your day. When you can’t always devote a couple set hours for working out, moving these around the house, stopping and doing curls with them, shoulder raises, etc. Is a quick way to add a little bit into your day.


                  Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
                  Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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