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        I need an 8 week workout plan with a broken foot. What can you come up with that I will not loose that much lower leg strength?

        I know upper body work but what can I do for lower body and I know I need to lower my caloric intake (thanks mom for telling me I need to eat cookies)

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          A lot will depend upon your weight-bearing status by your doctor –
          1. NO weight-bearing – means just that, NONE, ZIP, NADA, keep yore foot off the ground
          2. Toe-touch – means you can rest your big toe on the ground for balance but usually NO weight-bearing
          3. Limited weight-bearing – what limits were given?
          3. Partial weight-bearing – see above for limited. These terms can be inter-changed
          4. Weight-bearing as tolerated (WBAT) – means if it hurts, DON’T DO IT!
          5. Full weight-bearing but not impact activities – you can walk but no jumping/bouncing
          6. Return to full-duty – go for it

          All depends on what bone was broken (26 bones in the foot). Are we talking the tip of the little toe or the base of the 5th metatarsal (outer part of the foot, that little know you see/feel below the ankle)??

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