My MVT Fitness Journey and Fight Light.

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        When I retired I was pretty beat up physically, between the wear and tear of a military career combined with some significant injuries as well during that time.

        So I had reduced my fitness training to a basic level. I looked fit and compared to most people in my age group was in good shape.

        I found Max’s early blog and joined the Forum when it started up.

        Discussions about what level of fitness I really needed to be capable for contingencies discussed here was a wake up call that I needed better fitness. So I essentially went to what I knew from military with some GoRuck training influence.

        It worked well; at first, and I had great gains. Then I started having some problems mostly related to my past. Had some setbacks, but did what I could within my knowledge/experience base.

        Ultimately the problem was I could no longer sustain the impact of my traditional fitness training. So I reduced my training to lower impact work. I wasn’t where I wanted to be, but couldn’t really identify an alternative.

        So this Summer as I was developing my gear into as light a weight as possible it occurred to me that I needed to apply this concept to my body. :yes:

        While I wasn’t fat by any standard. I decided to commit to reducing my body fat to see what weight could be reduced that way. Much like I was reducing weight of my gear I figure anything I could cut was an improvement. I changed my diet to an extreme low carb intake as a means of reducing my body fat (note: this is a method to meet my goal not an endorsement of any fad eating styles).

        While it did work, the weight lost was not going to be enough to minimize my wear and tear on joints.

        So what else could be done to reduce weight?

        Reducing muscle weight was the only other area left!

        I know! Crazy sounding isn’t it?

        The thing is the physical activities I wanted to be able to perform just wasn’t happening. So I decided to change my training and diet to reduce muscle mass to see where that took me. I am above average height and build and haven’t been below 200 lbs since I was 18 years old despite being lean and fit back then. Putting on muscle mass has always been relatively easy for me.

        The combination of reduced body fat and reduced muscle has paid off.

        I am not quite where I think will be the right balance, but I am close.

        I have begun running again and so far my joints seem to be dealing fine with it. Additionally the pronounced limp I had after sitting too long or when I get up is now gone. This limp would go away once I got going, but now I only experience mild stiffness.

        This probably isn’t applicable to most of our members, but at the very least it may point out options not considered.

        For me the Fight Light concept now has a whole new meaning!

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          Thanks for sharing. Its always interesting to hear what people are doing as long as it’s not crossfit (those guys suck) :good:

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            :good: :good:

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