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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        As anyone here who has being following this forum knows we aren’t big into the high emphasis of timer use.

        It isn’t that such devices have no use, but far too many online place so much emphasis on timer use they have lost focus on true priorities.

        So why am I bringing this up?

        The MVT Online Shoots. ;-)

        There are some legitimate Drills that help measure your abilities that a timer is helpful. For our purposes a helper with a stopwatch would work. However since most today have many devices from phones to tablets and there are many free shot timer apps available for Android and iOS.

        So anyone may want to consider getting one of these apps for future MVT Online Shoots.

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        First Sergeant

          ^^^^ Waht he said about timers. They have a place, the problem is when it becomes all about the timer.

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