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        I thought this might be handy. Does anyone have any experience with these?

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          There has been varying versions of that same concept out for years, every one of them I owned was mediocre at best.

          For perimeter alarms, using something like that that will alert the intruder that they are “made” might not be the best thing to run. If I sprung something like that I would reverse button hook and sit and watch that area. Watch for the response and maybe do something off that response.

          Ditto with the “whiz whiz woo woo” type alarms, barking dogs, etc. the intruder knows he is “made” and will (or should) take appropriate measures.

          Better if the intruder triggers a sensor or alarm but has no idea he was made and continues on oblivious to the threat as you line them up in your sights…..

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            We “used” slightly modified, Harrington & Richardson Model 1871.

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              Good points, Robert.

              Albert, that’s an interesting idea.

              Thanks, fellows.

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                When we moved to our rural retreat/home 8 years ago I was looking for an “inexpensive” alerting system. I found the Chamberlain alarm system at a local Northern Tools, so I made took a chance and bought the base unit and 3 sensors. After 8 years all are still working! I have to change the batteries in the sensors once a year (AA). Each base unit can monitor 4 sensors, which use an IR beam. Detection range is limited to about 40 feet, but if strategically placed can cover a fair amount of ground.

                One sensor is my driveway alert system, which has a 100% rate of hitting vehicles at the max range. Seems that vehicle surfaces have a better return than fur covered critters, which have less than 40′ detection range (about 30′ in my experience).

                I’m sure there are other system available, but this one has proven its worth to me and the price was right.

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                  I had a driveway alarm back in NV, was a magnetometer design, reacts to ferrous metal, worked great, no false alarms like infrared beams secondary to animals crossing through.

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