Max Talk 012: Explaining the correct tactical training progression.

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          Another nice job, Max. I think if there’s one topic that will generate backlash, it’s this one, from the “don’t tell me my sport isn’t good enough” crowd.

          There’s never a downside to being really good at weapon manipulation and marksmanship. In an ideal world, the enemy gets shot in the face at the outset and everyone goes home with high fives all around. We know that practically speaking, there is an immense difference between some paper or cardboard on the range, patiently waiting to accept incoming fire, versus a covered/concealed thinking, moving enemy who also wants to go home with high fives all around.

          In some ways, it feels like putting the cart before the horse.

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            “Be wary of spending your life on the flat range”

            Excellent advice :good:

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              I think this and your PT Max Talk (directed at some 2017 Idaho students?) were some of your best! “Invest in yourself.” GREAT advice!!! Square range warriors, porch snipers, all subject matter experts in their own minds/worlds. If you aren’t proficient in the basics, you are only setting yourself and your unit up for failure. Keep them coming Max!!! Can’t wait for CLC in October!!! Watched this one with Liz…is that the flag she made 😜

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                Good overview, will share this with those I know who can’t see beyond the flat range.

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                William Crowe

                  Well done sir……shared.

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                    Definitely like the “be wary of spending your life on the flat range”! I don’t really haunt other forums, don’t have time, but I did post earlier this year on the ITS Tactical Forum, under Training, about the classes at Brady and the need for students in the Heat 1 class. That post got 240 views, no reply’s. I posted my AAR in April on the same thread, or the link to the AAR, along with links to your videos from class and the website, that post thread has jumped from 240 views to 965 views and it looks like 1 like too, but still no reply’s. I will try to add some of these latest videos to see if we generate any reply’s or interest!

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                      Great job with this one, Max. A lot of people need to hear this (myself included). I’m doing everything I can to set the conditions (personally and professionally) to get to your HEAT classes next spring. I appreciate you bringing back the Max Talks. Also, thanks to the other forum members. I’m learning a lot from ya’ll and am going to force myself out of the lurker area.

                      Hope ya’ll have a good weekend!

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