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        Probably TFL again.

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          I cracked up when you mentioned the prereq wasn’t the pinnacle, “this isn’t selection” HAHAHA. Funny, sad, but probably something you had to say.

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              Well done! I thought that covered all the bases and then some.

              For a lot of reasons, I’ve been putting more emphasis on PT lately. So far I find a balance of strength training and endurance is the ticket.

              – 3 days per week barbell training (following Starting Strength program)
              – 1 day per week cardio/sprints (usually a rowing machine)
              – 1 ruck per week, 30 lbs
              – 1 “group fitness” class with an emphasis on practical movement and bodyweight

              The only way I found to make this work in my schedule is to get up at 5 AM each day and go knock it out before heading to work. In the end, though, we will never regret being stronger/fitter/healthier- especially in times of crisis.

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                Lol I cracked up as well about it not being selection….just a base line! Well done again I’d say.

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                  Having a physical fitness pre-request is key for any tactical class. I have taken several classes at other schools and when there are people who do not take their conditioning seriously it can really slow the class down.

                  Keep up with the videos Max, I stumbled across your channel 3 months ago and really like your approach with light infantry and small squad tactics.

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                  Jim Tom

                    Very well done.

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                      Hey Max,
                      Thanks for defining MVT fitness requirements. At 63, running for me is out as well. Two years ago, while training for the Rifleman challenge, I blew my back out with a necessary 6 wks recovery, strangely followed by 3 weeks of bronchitis and to continue with 2 wks of shingles. This all began in Feb, the week I was to cut a check for class. This year, I am working through a lengthy term of planar fascia and a wobbly knee. The mind says go but the body doesn’t. Though, your definition does ease the burden, I am ready to kick ass and do what is needed. Concerning these fireside, not, chats, It is working. You seem more personable and easier to approach. I suspect it will be beneficial to both MVT and any new students who are encouraged with a kinder, gentler approach. Once in class, you can mold their little snowflake minds with the warrior mentality. Bravo Zulu
                      Last but not least, I need to ask this one question that I find most important me, since your are competing with all the other tactical training centers, and you truly want to be one up, when are the MVT coffee mugs coming?

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                      Sam Brady

                        Today marks my 72nd birthday. Yesterday I easily did Max’s entry level PT test. It really is not that difficult. Like most things/goals in life, if you want to accomplish something, you have to work for it.
                        I also believe that many folks would like to do this training but they are holding themselves back because they are afraid they might “fail” in front of others. Max and the 1Sgt coach you thru the training evolution. Reasonable fitness combined with a good mental attitude will bring you thru these classes. Challenge yourself.

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                          Happy Birthday, Sam :good:

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