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        To be truly dangerous to your enemies, train at MVT.


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          Excellent material, excellent production even the presenter isn’t half bad. B-)

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            One of the benefits of the forum, is that I will answer questions on Max Talks, that I will ignore elsewhere, because forum.


            Does this topic interest people? If not, what direction would you like the talks to go in. I may not comply, but I am interested to know.

            The thing I forgot, and edited out] the awkward pause, was to never underestimate the psychological benefit of going to a flank.

            Also, I forgot to mention how you have to modify any flank attack in close country due to the dangers of fratricide. Jungle, bush, thick woods.

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              Thanks for putting out another one of these videos Max, I now know how much work goes into making one of these! The cuts to class footage were great, for illustrative purposes. I never noticed an awkward pause, and those things are natural in regular conversation and keeping it conversational draws in people’s attention.

              In terms of topic, I think it was spot on and acted as a good reminder for me. A small concern is that there are just so many people out there who don’t have a clue, that it goes over their head. I guess it depends on who you’re targeting- MVT alumni or prospective MVT students.

              I think a talk on analyzing terrain/terrain considerations would be an awesome topic. Also, talks on individual rifleman skills might have broad appeal…depends what you’re going for.

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                I am trying to absorb all of these videos as I get time/make time to watch them. I don’t have any questions right now, but will watch and re-watch these as time allows, I’m sure I’ll have questions in the future. Appreciate the work that goes into these talks!

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                  Thanks for the great info. Please keep it coming. :good:

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                  William Crowe

                    WDKWWDK……as a noob, I’m watching, reviewing, and slowly putting things together. It won’t be until I get a better grasp of the basics that I can even begin to formulate a semi-intelligent question.

                    Keep the basics coming……

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                      Great videos/talks Max! See you got that Hazard 4 shirt finally. These topics always need to be reviewed, perishable skills right?

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                        Yes this and the other videos interest me and I’m sure others on the forum who don’t normally speak up, some I’m sure because they haven’t had any training so no context. That being the case the interspersion of class videos demonstrating what you mean I think will help supply that context to some degree.

                        As to other ideas for talks, I second @JohnnyMac on terrain use both offensively and defensively also more on effective communications verbal/hand/comms. You have written several posts on gear setup philosophy etc. maybe show the different setup ideas and the why. A little over a year ago you did a video on Range Safety Part 1 maybe redo it or just do Part 2 especially talking about the safety angles that you mentioned in this video.

                        Your post on Tactical Us of Terrain could be almost a series using MVC footage and footage from mobile classes for clarity; maybe one on Patrol Bases.

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                        D Close

                          I found this video very helpful as a way to tie my own thoughts together on the subject.

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