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          I can think of several instances where initiative was taken and in the process losing control which could have caused blue on blue at the CLC course. This video makes more sense if you take these courses.

          HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
          HEAT 2 (CP) X1
          FOF X3
          OPFOR X2
          CLC X2

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          Mike Q

            I agree with Hellokitty. You can intellectually understand the information but until you’re in the middle of an exercise and it all comes apart, you can really appreciate the issue here.

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              Where are Carston & Steve for comments on the lighting?

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                To add, some of us have experienced this in FoF. In fact, the time I shot Mike, my buddy and I were taking the initiative and, unknown to me, Mike was in depth from the enemy position. He ended up taking a round from me before I realized he was a friendly.

                And yes, I still apologize about it.

                FoF is where the rubber meets the road.

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                D Close

                  Yes, FoF gives us a good lab to test this out. It highlights the value of deep understanding between teamates. If you tell a fire team to go do something and it gets misunderstood, initiative can then cause problems. Understanding the overall objective helps to avoid this as Max points out so well.
                  Every day that goes by without training on this with your team, works against you. You don’t get better by not doing it. Radios are not the magic answer here either. I think you want to train without them first.

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                  D Close

                    Where are Carston & Steve for comments on the lighting?

                    I don’t know, but when D Close Jr sees this he might pass out. :cry:
                    For us lay people, it was great.

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                      It was a great video, if I was on a patrol I would like to know everything I could about who and why we are going and the just in case information to be able to fully understand the mission.
                      great information thanks

                      I did notice it was very bright,,
                      looks good. :good:

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                        Finally had a chance to watch this today.
                        Very nicely done. Kept it simple and concise, delivery is getting smoother as well. :good:

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