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          HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
          HEAT 2 (CP) X1
          FOF X3
          OPFOR X2
          CLC X2

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            Feedback? Useful? Quality? Make sense?

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            Brian from Georgia

              It made a lot of sense. It was detailed enough that non-alum should be able to grasp it.

              I’ve read somewhere that a good arrangement is point man on compass, #2 guy keeps pace count and TL is in the #3 spot. That lets TL tend to other matters besides land nav. You made a good point in the video: you need experienced guys up front that you can trust for that arrangement to work.

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              Mike Q

                I think you did a good job. The approach of explaining the pros and cons of each position is a good thing. As you and 1st Sergeant always say when someone asks a question the answer is “it depends”. The internet is full of people spouting absolutes.

                Keep them coming.

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  This is good stuff.

                  You came across as being more comfortable from the start. This is a normal progression with each video your delivery will be a little better.

                  This is not to say there was anything wrong with Talk 001, but is similar to interviews you have given with each one you are more in your element.

                  The information was clear and sophisticated enough to hold interest and get someone thinking without overwhelming the novice.

                  Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to more.

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                    Good stuff Max. Clear and concise. The Whiteboard gives a good visual reference and is great for showing basic concepts.
                    Not sure what your vision for the future ‘Max talks’ is but showing some of this stuff on a Sand Table mock-up might be pretty cool ?.
                    Thanks, keep em coming.

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                      I too enjoyed the first two installments. Very concise and clear…as a person who’s wanting to get this stuff right, I really appreciate the tutorial.

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                        The material is excellent. I like the short topics they hit home and are easy to review. As mentioned you seem more at ease in this one.

                        Comments on aesthetics; the first video had muddled audio the second was much better. In the second video the lighter shirt made you more visible as a presenter. :good: More lights maybe.

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                          I will echo the others comments. Clear and concise, well presented and though out. You do have a talent for teaching Max and it shows in the video.

                          I agree about the audio on the first video, possibly your camera can support a remote mic?
                          It was impressive that (it seems) there were no edits and that was a single take. Some YT videos almost give me a seizure with all the edits.

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                            $200 on a camcorder, moved on from the GoPro.


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                              Excellent presentation and very well done. The material was at a good level, was easily understood, and consisely presented.

                              The video was a quick 15 minutes which meant that the information was at the right level and did not let the viewer’s attention wander.

                              Good job!

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                                Very useful. Particularly the emphasis on the flexibility on TL position based on what the particular action is and factoring the experience of team.

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                                  I’ve read somewhere that a good arrangement is point man on compass, #2 guy keeps pace count and TL is in the #3 spot. That lets TL tend to other matters besides land nav. You made a good point in the video: you need experienced guys up front that you can trust for that arrangement to work.

                                  Brian, I would not put my point man as my compass man. The point man has a primary task which is front security for the movement. Eyes and ears for the team, if you will. Compass/ navigation requires a great deal of focus which would distract from the security mission. Point man needs to be point man. Depending on the size of the element, the point man may have some back up responsibility but he is likely not going to be both point and compass. And if I am running the patrol, he will be only point man.

                                  On the other hand, the element may have no choice but to use the point man as compass man. If that is the case, you do what you have to do to make the mission.

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                                    I like the pacing. You repeat yourself some, which might annoy advanced students, but I think it is important to reinforce fundamental concepts like this. I’m not sure you’re talking from an outline, which might be helpful for recorded discussions. You collect your thoughts well during pauses and bring back things into focus when there is slight topic drift. You have an excellent conversational tone that brings the student into the topic so maybe following a strict outline may not be good for your style. Experiment a little with more structured and more informal and see how they flow. Nice primer for the CLC. Appreciate that. The shirt was quite sharp. My wife noticed your chest definition. She doesn’t get to watch any more.

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                                    Virgil Kane

                                      Thank you. You can learn a lot from books, but a visual presentation always helps to bring it together. This should help those of us going to our first class to be better prepared.

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                                        Well done, provokes thought.

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                                          As already stated you came across more at ease in this video which will become even more evident in future videos. Quality of video is improved along with the sound but if your new camera allows for remote mic it would help when you are facing the whiteboard and not the camera.

                                          Content was a good length and you presented the possibilities of Team Leader placement with the pros and cons based on mission and team experience well. I would be interested to hear if different Team Leader positions are used in the CLC class and what the reasoning and results were in the different mission scenarios.

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                                            The “Max Talks” walking through on the white board are a great addition to the videos you have been putting out. It’s very clear and descriptive. Very easy to understand that the TL needs to be somewhat central to the team column in order to view the team and the surrounding environment in order to be an effective TL. I only get to view these in short segments, but will be re-watching these as time allows.
                                            On a side note: That Velocity Systems shirt looks familiar! Best dressed guy (17-20 Feb. 2017) says great choice! Lol B-)

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