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        Latest Boko Haram massacre, just goes to show how “safe” a disarmed population is.
        (just 30 armed MVT graduates probably could have averted the massacre against the armed mob that is Boko Haram)

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          The key in my rural area would be intell. If we Have a little heads up we can easily drop trees across the few twisty side roads that access our area and cover them with fire. Without a heads up we are vulnerable as we all go about our daily business.

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            In a general collapse when everyone is armed I think some warning may occur when you hear the shots of folks down the road defending themseleves.

            That might give you valuable time to get ready I think.

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              I once read an article regarding the aftermath of what happens after a government disarms the populace. After recounting several instances of mass execution the author concluded by suggesting that when you run into someone who advocates the disarming of citizens just ask them who it is they want to have murdered.

              Personally, having reviewed a certain amount of historical evidence, I find the question entirely appropriate but doubt the recipient will answer.

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                I once read an article regarding the aftermath of what happens after a government disarms the populace. After recounting several instances of mass execution the author concluded by suggesting that when you run into someone who advocates the disarming of citizens just ask them who it is they want to have murdered.

                that’s a brilliant way of putting it.
                My grandparents were in Koenigsberg, East Prussia when the Red Army took it.

                We dont know how they were killed..

                Dragged to death tied up behind tanks?
                Buried alive?
                Beaten to death with rifle butts?
                Drowned in a sinking ship while trying to escape?
                Impaled for entertainment of the allied soldateska?
                Hung over a slow burning fire?
                or simply worked to death in the Gulag over a couple of years?

                The world is an ugly place and its going to get much uglier as the good times are slowing to a halt and IMHO a regression… history always repeats itself.

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                  This is what happens when the “forces of progress” and “enlightenment” and even “democracy” decide you and yours are “On the wrong side of history”

                  “We kissed the rotting corpses”:


                  The buildings had been completely smashed, houses and barns were half burnt out and some were only a heap of rubble and ash. That was the extent of the material damage. It was what had happened to the people that made us scream and made even the hardest of us retch and be sick and be absolutely petrified. Women had had their clothes slit open. Some were naked. They had been raped and lay on bare floors, or in the street, frozen stiff or dead.There were young girls no more than fifteen or sixteen years old. There were old women; age didn’t seem to matter. An old man was nailed upside down on the door of the shed. Along the wall of a house was a row of bodies, all old men and young boys, shot in the back


                  ……dragged pregnant prisoners from the cells and out into the yard, where they stripped and beat them, then stuffed them into latrines and beat them until their bellies burst. I myself had to help carry off the bodies of the women who had died that way. During the day groups of six to eight women were taken to work in St. Gotthard Church. There we had to kiss the dead bodies that were already rotting, pile them up, and clean the church floor of the blood that ran there by getting down on our knees and licking it up by mouth. A Czech mob supervised this work and beat us. On May 20 we were led into Wenzel Square where German boys and girls, and soldiers too, were hung alive by their feet from lamp posts and trees and, in front of our very eyes, were doused with petroleum and set on fire.”
                  The guards indulged in horrible kinds of “fun”. A physician who was interned in this forest camp had turned into one huge festering wound; it literally covered him from head to foot. To move, he had to crawl painfully on the ground, as he had not been able to walk any more for a long time. Others were forced to lick out his pus-filled wounds. Inmates were forced to eat excrement and had to lick each other’s genitals. One night a number of the poor souls in this camp hung themselves from the beams in the barracks; they could simply no longer take the physical and mental torture.

                  Excrement-covered gags were popular among the Czechs. Dr. Karl Gregor: “Whenever I screamed or groaned when they beat me, they would shove a gag covered with human excrement into my mouth.”

                  After being himself horribly tortured, Otto Patek witnessed the following in the Joachimsthal camp:

                  “In the night of June 5-6, 1945, around 10:00 p.m., eleven or twelve Czechs came to us in the dance hall. They brought a bench, and blankets with which the windows were covered up. As their first victim they grabbed the master watchmaker Johann Müller of St. Joachimsthal, laid him on the bench, cut his ears off with a knife, stabbed his eyes out, shoved a bayonet into his mouth, broke out his teeth, and broke his bones by smashing his arms over his knees and his legs over the bench. Since he still lived, they wrapped cable wire twice around his throat and dragged him around the hall until his neck had pulled out and the body showed no more signs of life. During this dragging-around a Czech stood on the body to weight it down. The body was reduced to a lump of flesh, and was wrapped in my coat and laid in the middle of the hall. In this manner six more were murdered that night, three of them German soldiers. Whenever another one was dead, we were again beaten with rubber truncheons.

                  “The Germans murdered in this way screamed horribly, as they were being killed fully conscious. Three inmates who had to watch this went insane. I myself suffered a nervous breakdown.”

                  ………………….who recounts being ordered (with reference to a dead mother and child) to “throw the sow into the latrine together with her bastard!” When M.v.W., a Red Cross nurse, refused, two other women were forced to perform the abominable deed and to throw the dead mother and baby into the open latrine. Weeks later it was still possible to see the baby’s head and one of the mother’s arms sticking out of the filth.

                  F. Fiedler attests: “In Haida 60 prisoners, including many women, were forced to strip to the waist and take off their shoes. Then they had to kneel on the pavement of the market square and were grossly beaten on the chest and the soles of their feet by Czech tormentors until they collapsed unconscious. Cold water poured on the heads of these victims brought them to again so that the torture could be continued. This maltreatment went on until daybreak, and then these poor people who had been tortured to the brink of death were shot in the market square.”

                  Don’t think it can happen here?
                  Ask the Indians or the children of Waco..

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                    Evil…pure evil. It has already happened here. See The War of Northern Aggression. See the subjugation of the Indian Tribes, etc…

                    History repeats itself not because we refuse to learn from it but because the battle of good and evil never ends.

                    If you’ve never read it, check out ‘The Lucifer Effect’ by Philip Zimbardo.

                    Evil starts with 15 volts…

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                      Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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                        Most Americans will never accept that this sort of thing could happen here because they are conditioned to believe that we are exempt from history. Nevermind that common criminals regularly engage in the most heinous atrocities and the entertainment industry has made a fetish out of simulated snuff films. Witness the popularity of the TV show “Criminal Minds.” Governments and security services attract the same sort of psychopaths that engage in criminal atrocities.

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                          Don’t think it can happen here?
                          Ask the Indians or the children of Waco..

                          Funny you mention this.

                          Posted just today:

                          Combatant Children

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                          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                            Posted just today:


                            Great article on a truly disgusting subject.

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