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        Just putting it out there that an Alumni is located in MD. I know one if the guys who took CTT with me in Nov 2016 is also in MD but I’m not sure if he’s on the forum. Rumor has it there is another alumni from somewhere in MD. Any truth to that? If so, touch base. I’d also be open to running with anyone from the northern VA area. I’m hoping to make a move to VA (somewhere off 81 between Winchester and Harrisonburg) or god willing to WV.

        Give me a holler fellows. I’d like to hook up. B-)

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          Paging ‘Trailman…”

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            MD still better then some.

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            Sam Brady

              I escaped MD in 2001 to WV. For awhile I commuted from my home near Martinsburg, WV to DC. Was not easy but it can be done. This is truly a free state. Look for someplace in the Eastern Panhandle off 81…get out if you can.

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                Yeah fuck me I’m him. :bye: I’m in Frederick.

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                  Hampshire Co is less expensive than the Eastern Panhandle and closer to MVT. LOL. I’m a half hour’s drive from there. I try really hard to only go east over the mountain once a month. So far so good.

                  But I’m also trying to form an information network over the mountain, from old friends in crappy places… ham operators… etc.

                  So all you guys are in my neck of the woods; easy drive. Except for the 6 years before my hubby died, living at the beach – I’ve been in this general area: Baltimore, Sheperdstown, Winchester, Harrisonburg & WV – since 1980.

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                    I don’t spend much time on here so I just stumbled across this post.

                    I am in Baltimore. Unfortunately. Attended Heat 0.5 May 2019. Anyone besides Trailman and myself in Maryland?

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                      Not an alumni, but I am a Baltimoron.

                      NoVA is going to make the whole state crap the bed sooner rather than later, y’all Virginians are one bad election away from an AWB. If you’re concerned about gun rights then WV is the safer bet. As far as Maryland goes, every legislative session is a nailbiter, last year they were pushing to demand all owners of post-2013 ARs turn them in and ban possession of magazines greater than ten rounds, both failed this time but you get the gist.

                      Just did some traveling through WV recently and if you need to commute through Maryland then it only takes like an hour and fifteen minutes to reach Harpers Ferry from Baltimore (I presume that’s the “panhandle), I was really surprised. Not sure about the housing prices and whatnot, though I imagine pretty much all the neighboring states are cheaper than Maryland.

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                        Harpers Ferry and East of 81 is starting to go to shit as far as land prices crowding etc. If you are looking to get out because of the laws that’s fine but if you want to get away from people that’s another. Anyone want to come out to Frederick and tool around drop me a line. I belong to a a club out here with great facilities and also have some land. wouldn’t mind some hiking partners either.

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                          What is your availability on Thursday 9/19. It will be cooler then today and sunny.

                          A hike would be fine.

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