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        Anyone use the mag pull’s on there magazines. Do they help with reloads when under fire?

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        Mike Q

          I don’t use them. I haven’t needed them.

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            I thought they might be a good idea but I don’t find that I wished I had them at least in my training only experience.

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              I’ve had them, but took them off. I find that a loop of 550 cord run under the base plate works just as well. That and I normally throw a wrap of 100mph tape if it’s a metal mag.

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                The Magpul loops take the stress off of the base plate. I have used them and like them on metal mags. Magpul magazines have a small lip that makes the loop pulls unnecessary.

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                  They worked OK back in the day, but nowadays most guys are running single mag pouches where it’s really not needed.

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                  First Sergeant

                    I use them. I don’t have them on all of my mags, maybe half.

                    They do work, it just depends on what kind of mag pouches you have them in. As Diz said, with single mag pouches they aren’t really necessary.

                    I find them useful on the 20 round mags that I run on my battle belt.

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                      You gotta remember, back in the day, when these things first came out, there were still GI 3-mag pouches being used. Doubles were coming into common use, plus a few singles. So having a way to grab a mag out of a 2 or 3 stack was an added plus. Plus, guys were just switching to chest rigs and/or “armor carriers”, the predecessor to plate carriers. It was not uncommon to see guys shingle two and even three layers of gear on these things. So in that case, having a “mag pull” was also very convenient.

                      I ended up cutting all the loops off, and just using the rubber rand around the mag for grip, which you could do yourself out of inner tube.

                      Then “Ranger Plates” came out, which I always liked better.

                      And then guys started using field expedients as mentioned. A gutted piece of 550 cord, with an overhand knot on each end, slid under the floor plate. Worked like a charm. Also less weight and bulk.

                      And then all of this basically was “OBE” or over-taken by events. When single mag pouches became prevalent, along with cut-down armor carriers, which morphed into the modern-day PC, the mag pull was no longer required. Also Magpul switched gears and came out with their own mag design, which didn’t really need a pull, since the floor plate was “mushroomed” a bit for better grip. And then the Gen III came out with more streamlined base.

                      Bottom line, if I’m running Gen II or III P-mags, not required. If I’m running USGI metal mags, still not really required. If anything, I might run some tape or rubber around the bottom of the mag for grip and to reduce metallic signature.

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                        Thanks for the reasons WHY.

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                          Thanks for the the great info Diz, it clears up My question

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