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        Fundamentals also he talks about how our society will likely turn into a fascist gov’t with /oppression due to peak Oil at around 39:00

        This is something I been saying since 11th grade but he does it a lot more eloquently.

        Please disregard the last few minutes where he waxes idealistically about the future society of cooperation we can accomplish by “rising to the challenge’ I think we all know there will be no rising , just lots of suffering and dying.


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          D Close

            Video #1: he lost me when he went down the AGW rat hole. “We need to give up fossil fuels if we want to save the planet.” Please. He wants big .gov solutions for these problems. He mentions local level fixes. The free market might just save the day without massive relocations? Competition for water might hit first. It is related to the energy argument of course. Bad moon rising either way.

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              For the most part I wasted a lot of time reading the PO memes. One observation and this pertains to the non-Left people of any stripe, the Left is a conglomeration of cults held together with lots of effort. Of course the Rightwing Shoutmasters in order to sound more important never really want to mention that and by default always refer to this conglomeration as a singular nearly omnipotent entity, “them libruls.”

              Dissect this conglomeration of “them libruls” you basically have a Frankenstein monster composed of fetid rotten body parts, each deserving of burial.

              As to the PO cult, nearly 99% white and effete, in other words a typical white liberal “mean girls” cult financed no doubt by the alternative green energy scams. The Oil Drum’s best contributors were basically conservative men, but at the end of that fairly well financed website’s cycle none of them were still around, only the half witted professors and the school marm moderators were left.

              Sorry to drag on, their basical premise was correct, but beyond that it was a typical paycheck liberal outfit spending its time playing mean girls games.

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                i listen to a show the other day, they had on T. Bonne Pickens as guest. He was concern’d about peak oil 15 years ago. He admits he was wrong. the the problem is not oil but access to the oil. He addressed he never thought they could access the shale oil but, technology has caught up to drilling. He addressed deep water well, horizontal wells and shale. one example they give which is the well in the gulf, the macondo, both guest and host were impressed by the shear amount of oil spew out of that well.

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