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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Logical sequence of self study for our Intelligence needs.

        Any thoughts?

        Seems like we have already gathered a lot of good material in a short time, however I am not sure of best way to sequence it in practical building block manner?

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          I’d divide up intelligence training into four categories (in this order):

          1) Security & Tradecraft
          2) Collection
          3) Analysis
          4) Offensive Counterintelligence

          Without security, you have absolutely nothing worthwhile.
          Without collection, you have nothing to analyze.
          Without analysis, we can’t defeat/control our adversary.

          Let me think on this some more and I’ll write up a post on it.

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            Hey Sam, isn’t #2, in many ways, the same as #4? Theoretically, at least.

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              Hey Cowtipper – Yes and no; depends on how you use and define Offensive CI.

              Collection is purely intelligence information, whereas offensive CI should really be about controlling the adversary, specifically his intelligence collection.

              If you want to run Offensive CI by infiltrating or running sources to collect on the adversary’s intent, capabilities and activities, then you’re doing it well.

              If you want to run Offensive CI by infiltrating and then steering the adversary’s collection and operations away from your organization, then you’re doing it best.

              That’s where I make the distinction between HUMINT collection and Offensive CI. Hope that helps.

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