Lobby Day: Concerns for Virginians not attending.

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        So you’ve decided to not attend Lobby Day!

        Does that mean you are safe?

        The 20th is Martin Luther King Day, as a federal holiday Schools will be out.

        If events in Richmond go hot there is no telling if things could spread beyond those actions throughout Virginia.

        For that matter this concern; though unlikely, could even spread beyond the state of Virginia.

        This combined with the Iranian threats mean a heightened state of awareness seems like a prudent precaution.

        As we get closer to the 20th we may have more information available, regardless of your location I recommend a heightened state of awareness.

        Those with underage children old enough to be more mobile and independent should give some thought to what; if anything, should be done for their safety. Special emphasis for Virginians.

        This is not about fearmongering, just something to consider given current situation.

        Again this is a low level threat; at this time, outside of Richmond.

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