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      D Close

        Posted by Max Velocity on his blog 25MAR13:

        I’ve had a few thoughts rolling around inside the old brain box lately about the term ‘law abiding citizen’ and then I read this latest blog post by T.L. Davis which is an excellent summary of how I feel about the topic:
        T.L. Davis ‘Once Great Nation’ HERE
        On my website (, in my books such as ‘Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival’ and generally in my training literature I talk about wanting to help ‘law abiding citizens’ with my tactical self-defense training.
        But isn’t that now becoming a complicated definition?
        Clearly, my intent is to be training ‘good honest folks’ so that if the SHTF they can defend themselves and their own. I want to distance myself from falling foul of any paramilitary training laws by making it plain that my tactical self defense training is not in any way intended to further civil disorder. I also want to distance myself from any criminal elements that may want to receive tactical training so they can apply it to activities such as robbing banks!
        But increasingly, what does that mean? As our inalienable rights are slowly (or rapidly?) being alienated away by treasonous regressive legislatures, where is the law-abiding person now?
        As Resistor in the Rockies blogs HERE: ”Stay tuned for news on the Great Colorado Magazine Swap on July 2nd, where you can join others in becoming an instant criminal and challenging the ‘authorities’ to arrest us all there. Peter Boyles of 630 KHOW radio is organizing the event.”
        A 15 round magazine for an AR in Colorado? Can you even get such a thing? I know that standard capacity magazines come in either 20 or 30 round sizes. What madness.
        So what’s to be done? I’m not going to tell you to stand up and resist, because no-one will. Too worried about IRS audit? Worried about that news report after the SWAT murder about how you were a sad loner gun nut who kept himself to himself and was one of those crazy doomsday prepper types? They will find your greater than seven days supply of food, your waterproofed ammunition and your supply of huge capacity magazines and assault weapons.
        Anyway, prepare for the slow death of liberty by 1000 cuts of Statist bureaucracy punctuated by the odd flame of violence as MRAP equipped SWAT teams descend on certain individuals in order to make an example of them ‘to encourage the others.’ They will all be sad loner ‘survivalist ’ types on the evening news.
        I digress somewhat into melancholy. Oh, hold on, isn’t melancholy a little like depression? Is he a veteran? Better send that SWAT team round to confiscate his firearms then! See if you can gun him down in his foyer with at least two standard capacity magazines worth of ammunition while you are at it. One less to deal with as we progress the USSA.
        So the post sort of went in a direction that was not intended. The point is that ‘law abiding’ is increasingly becoming a problem. Like abiding by ‘obamacare’ regulations that no-one even looked at as they were rushed through into law. With the amount of law – read regulations – we are all criminals at any one time if the government wants us to be. But that is forgetting that the Constitution and its spirit is the real law of the land, not the various interpretations and regulations that have come since.
        Really what we need to be replacing is the term ‘law-abiding’ – changing it to something like ‘Constitution abiding’ or similar, or perhaps ‘Constitutional Republic abiding’.
        T.L. Davis also brings up a good point about there never being a right time to go to a shooting war. It will never be a post-apocalyptic zombie-fest free for all. Unless DHS brings it on, which it appears they are getting ready to do. Personally, I was planning on living in fear of bureaucracy and the IRS until such time as the shooting war started, then I was going to grab my gear and report to …..who?
        It amazes me that the country is being taken away before our very eyes and no one is actually going to do anything about it. Hear the keyboards banging in anger. “Well, why don’t you do it Max,” I hear you say? Because I don’t want to be remembered as the angry loner psycho guy. I’m not kicking off till someone else brings it. If DHS brings it, then I will act reasonably and proportionally in self defense. That’s all I will say about that.
        Here is a great article from American Thinker: Obama’s Tyranny: Petty or Something More Sinister?
        I want to start a new political movement. I want it to be called ‘Common Sense’. I want it to be called that because I genuinely want it to be about common sense and rolling back political correctness. But the other reason has to do with my sense of humor: I want the SPLC to put it on their list of domestic terror groups, just because it is against PC and supports the Constitutional Republic. I want to scroll down that list and see ‘Common Sense’ listed as a domestic terror group.
        Do you know that many in the government employ, such as military and civilian staff for agencies such as the Department of Defense, worry about ‘the government’ coming for their guns? Many worry about the simple legislating away of gun rights, others are more explicit and worry about actual physical gun grabbing. So therefore who will be doing that? Well the new domestic federal police force of course.
        Thinking about oathbreakers – those traitors who will do the bidding of the Statists despite their oath to the Constitution. Back in Viking and Anglo-Saxon days, being an oathbreaker was a very serious thing. The Housecarls would even sometimes die on the battlefield if their Thegn was slain in that same battle. Given that Tolkien based much of his writing on that period of history, here is something from him about oathbreakers, something for those in Law Enforcement to think about:
        But when Sauron returned and grew in might again, Isildur summoned the Men of the Mountains to fulfil their oath, and they would not: for they had worshipped Sauron in the Dark Years.”
        And finally, some good common sense from Mountain Guerrilla: Development of the Auxiliary. In ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises’ my intent was mainly to concentrate on the tactical side of the story, on the Resistance fighters themselves, and of course tell an exciting story. But I have added parts alluding to the network that supports this group, and described some of how this fits in to support the fighters with supplies and Intel. That is the auxiliary I was recently asked a question in an interview: “How realistic would this scenario be?” referring to the training and deployment of such a resistance group in ‘Patriot Dawn’. My answer is that the network, the groups, need to be in place now, even if they are trained in tactical self-defense after the collapse, otherwise we are all just individuals running about trying to survive as the Regime mops us up or puts us in FEMA camps.
        US Army Captain: DHS Prepping for War on Americans, Must Be Disarmed

        More from Tolkien about oathbreakers:
        Over the land there lies a long shadow,
        westward reaching wings of darkness.
        The Tower trembles to the tombs of kings
        doom approaches. The Dead awaken
        for the hour is come for the oathbreakers
        at the Stone of Erech they shall stand again
        and hear there a horn in the hills ringing.
        Whose shall the horn be? Who shall call them
        from the prey twilight, the forgotten people?
        The heir of him to whom the oath they swore.
        From the North shall he come, need shall drive him:
        he shall pass the Door to the Paths of the Dead.

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          This is simple and well put. Everyone must have wondered at one time or another how the Jewish people of Germany back in the 1930’s let what happened to them happen. I did and do. I could not understand it as I grew up. How could anyone let themselves be abused/killed/enslaved and not resist? As their rights and privilages were slowly canceled, revoked or redefined they said, oh that’ll never stand, or don’t say anything it’ll go back to the way it was, or they don’t mean it, or let’s be quiet and not make trouble, or our friends will stand up for us, or, or, or!!!!

          So aren’t we doing the same thing, 21st century style? Our rights and privileges as defined by the Constitution are being rolled up. But in a very smart way. The transformation we are in has been occurring for decades. Slowly, slowly changes are occurring to the point where the majority of the populace accepts the position we are in. As long as sports and reality TV are on the air the masses are happy.

          I do not know what American history is being taught these days but for sure they are not teaching what the Founders went through to create what we have and are in the process of screwing up. If you do not know and understand where you come from how will you know where you are going? How do you know if you are staying true to the ideas and ideals of the Founders?

          I for one do not know what to do. :unsure: I do the best I can in my little world but the fabric of the Constitution and society at large is fraying. So I don’t think Law-Abiding Folk is a relevant term. I think as you stated in a different post you look for people doing the right thing or the wrong thing in a given situation.

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