” Know more, Carry less” – J.E.S.T. motto

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

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        " Know more, Carry less" – J.E.S.T. motto

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        First Sergeant

          :good: ;-)

          Signal Out, Can You Identify
          Je ne regrette rien
          In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            It’s easy for me to forget many aren’t aware of J.E.S.T.

            The U.S. Navy’s Jungle Environmental Training Center taught U.S. Military how to live, fight, and survive in the jungle.

            Jungle Environmental Survival Training located in Cubi Point, Subic Bay, Philippines. The school was founded in the 1960s and closed around 1992.

            Instructors were from the indigenous people called Aetas who could survive in the jungle using only their “bolo” (machete).

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              Cool! I totally didn’t get the JEST reference

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