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        Anybody run one of these and if so how well does it work? Pros/Cons.
        ITS Tactical Med Pouch Fatboy

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          Sometime in the near to mid future I’ll have one incoming, but for now some thoughts that may be helpful-

          It really depends on what you’re putting in the pouch, as well as how big of a pouch you’re willing to put up with on your kit.
          After a number of medical pouches I’ve gone through trying to pick the right one that fits how I want on my LBE *AND* will hold a little more than a super-minimalist IFAK (using the MVT TC3 class list, maybe a couple extra minor items), I think the ITS pouch is going to be about right.
          Also, as far as I know, the build quality is good- the pouch, I believe is actually manufactured for ITS by Zulu Tactical (sp?) which should be GTG. It’s a little bigger than an average IFAK or GP 6×6 pouch- like 6W x 7H or such. It will attach to 3 MOLLE strips high, but overall is more like 4 MOLLE strips tall overall, for reference.

          The one thing that may annoy you is the bungee straps for securing rolls on the inside of the pouch apparently may be a little short and/or may cause the front flap to “crinkle” a little. But an easy fix if you get some shock cord from elsewhere and replace it.
          Also, zippers….zippers everywhere. And a velcro flap on top. Not going to get away from that with any current med pouch but still…if you’re not a person that trusts zippers, it may be a consideration.
          Further, it does not come configured as a “tear-away” pouch, which means you may want to seriously consider getting an aftermarket MOLLE tear-away velcro panel, as the way the front flap opens *may* potentially lead to spilled supplies as you try to access it on your kit (again, still waiting to get mine before I can get hands-on)….. The grand irony in this is the huge handle attached, like it *should* be a tear away pouch…. Go figure. :scratch:
          Yes, you can use MOLLE Stiks, but, it’s still not really a TRUE tear-away solution.

          I guess the big deciding question would be, how much are you wanting to put in your IFAK?
          And how much room to you have (or can tolerate) on your kit for a med pouch?

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            I too would like to get a tall/fat boy MP but I would like to have it as a tear-away type, Who makes a MP that is like with a tear away .

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              Again, same as what I said above a LOT depends on how much you want to stuff it with.
              But a good starting point would be the Esstac DST pouch. Can fit most of what’s on the MVT TC3 class list, minus some of the larger items.
              It can fit up to a 4in. IBD, pack of HALO chest seals, Naso airway, Decomp needle, Quikclot, & H&H compressed gauze.
              The funny part about that is, compared to a pouch like the MARZ tactical IFAK pouch, which is larger and you would *think* would hold more stuff better, the little DST actually does a better job. Go figure…
              It has slots for a TQ on the outside, but the list here is pretty much maxing it out, and at around 3.5″ wide, I doubt you’ll want to strap anything else to the outside of it as it’s fat enough. On the plus side it’s only two MOLLE spaces wide, but by 3 high. It comes with some ridiculous red paracord zipper pulls and a ginormous red pull handle, but these can be easily fixed.

              Another interesting option is something like ChinookMed’s TMK-IFAK “pullout” system, very similar to the ATS version, where you have a similar 2×3 MOLLE pouch (some flapped 5.56 double AR pouches may also work), but all the med equipment is stored on a pull-out “card”.
              The cool thing about the TMK is that it’s similar to a DARK-Angel med kit, but it’s user refillable, cheaper, and has more stuff (of course, depending on user preference it may not be stuff you like).

              Of course after that there’s various companies that make standalone velcro tear-away panels, and you can simply bolt the med pouch of your choice to the panel. I’m not a huge fan of Maxpedition, but they make one that would be a good starting point. Tactical tailor makes another version, although I will say right now that snap buttons on a tear away panel suck.
              There’s a few others out there as well, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head right now.
              Hope that helps some.

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                Thanks for the info I looked at the one’s you said
                I like the Chinook pouch and insert I think I am go with that one thanks

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