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        The AR Pistol build is complete. After a number of weeks of getting parts, I built it this morning. The mail ran and the muzzle device was there so I was able actually finish it today instead of tomorrow.
        Parts List:

        Spike’s lower and BCG
        CMMG upper and LPK
        BCM Gunfighter w/ medium latch
        Rock River buffer tube and guts
        SicTac arm brace
        Ranier Arms 7.5″ 1:8 chrome lined barrel
        Yankee Hill Lightweight Series mid length rail
        Hogue rubber grip
        Magpul AFG2
        Troy lopro gas block with Brownell’s gas tube
        Atomic Tactical STD flash suppressor (& for those whose mind is in the gutter, STD stands for Simple Threaded Device)

        Total cost? Haven’t tallied it up yet but it is over a grand since I upgraded some of the parts instead of some of the off the shelf that were less expensive.

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          Hotness!! :yahoo:

          let us know how she shoots :yes:

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Congratulations, looks great, and enjoy!

            Don’t forget a range report, I would especially like any comments on the Sig Brace.

            I had never really considered an AR pistol, really would like a SBR, but not the hassle and limitations on movement.

            The existence of the Sig Brace and its use shouldering has got me in the planning stages.

            Again enjoy.

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              Hot Damn TexanSCFC! :yahoo:

              Sorry to ask such a stupid question…but…well, what caliber is she?

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                Sorry for the late reply…been on 9 days of wonderous vacation. Anyway, to answer your question, the lower is marked as multi caliber. However, I am a big big fan of 5.56 / .223 and so to maintain the caliber commonality of the rest, that is what it is set up for. Haven’t been able to fire it yet, but that time is coming soon enough.

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