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        I liked this article. Particularly the “philosophy” part of it.
        1. Training trumps gear.
        2. Mission drives the equipment.

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          Good article. It sounds a lot like Paul Howe’s and few other folk’s philosophy on gunshot wound kits (what we called them before “blow out kits” became dereguirre). TQ, lots of krilex for wound stuffing, and a stretch bandage to hold it all in place. No Mk 1 Mod 0 DevGru/CAG issue kit. Just common sense items available everywhere.

          One thing I might add. If you stand up your own CUTT, the TQ position needs to be standardized. I like the chest rig centerline position, because it gives you good access from either hand, which reinforces the SOP of self-aid, whenever possible. If not, then your mates know exactly where your TQ is. Some also favor the (front) belt line.

          Same thing for a bleeder pouch. Keep it simple with krilex, bandage wrap, and a few other items, according to your SOP. But standardize it’s position, so again, your buddy’s know exactly where it is.

          The IFAK will contain the same items, plus boo boo gear, for simple cuts and scrapes. And possibly your pill kit. No reason this can run on the belt line.

          From there your medico will organize his bag as he sees fit.

          We always water-proofed this stuff in multiple baggies and duct tape, because of the “maritime” environment. Depending on your AO, you might consider this as well.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            …the TQ position needs to be standardized.

            A great idea and I like the centerline, but due to the variety of gear we face I think we might have to settle for one of two locations such as one location on a chest rig and one on a battle belt.

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              Yeah that is a good SOP, having two TQ’s on your bod.

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