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        We’ve been reading again at home about improvised fallout shelters.

        For us, location and finances don’t permit a property stocked fallout shelter currently, blah, blah, blah.

        Probably just like you!

        So we’re looking into what we can improvise or make minimal preparations towards that are reasonable and inexpensive.

        There are some good ideas on this page (that I hadn’t remember reading the last time I was there so maybe they updated it) that involve a 4′ x 12′ section of culvert and sandbags. This is something that could possibly be stored in advance even if unused and assembled within a 24 hour period by a family. The link suggests inside a garage.

        My concern for the 4′ culvert plan is that it might turn into a sauna in a the warmer seasons.

        What plans have you made?

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          This is a very good collection of links.

          The military guidelines they mostly copied in these links are generally better, more honest and clearer for a SHTF environment than the civilian ones.

          (The only caveat is, Keep in mind however that military manuals are based on the resiliency of a young adult male.)

          As for a rad shelter:

          Any location can be a rad shelter as long as its big enough.
          Keep to the middle of a medium or large house, for 3 days.
          Generally this means whatever dose rate was outside has decayed to 1/1000th of it previous rate which will restore your freedom of movement outside in all but the most extreme cases.

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            Reread about radiation protection. The three key points are mass, distance and time.

            The inside of a medium or large house won’t cut it.

            Yes, 48 hours after the event the radiation is 99% percent less than what it was.

            But you need significant shielding if you are close to the blast to protect yourself such as 3 feet of dirt on all sides or 18 inches of concrete.

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              I wasnt looking at blast protection just fallout protection from the title of your post.
              I am pretty comfortable with the subject as I have been doing, or teaching it for a long time :)
              There is nothing wrong with your plan and every little bit of shielding helps.

              If your house is largish staying in the middle of it, or middle of basement, will give you very good protection though as any Fallout will be at distance (windows/walls) from you.

              3 days = 10 half lives or more for the high activity isotopes, which is a reduction factor of 1000 :)

              It’s getting late and i have a long drive tommorrow.
              I’ll talk about it in a more nuanced way probably Sunday nite. :bye:

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