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      Tony S

        Can anyone recommend both IFAK and TQ options? Also any recommendations on brands/models and good vendors to purchase from would be appreciated as well. I currently have neither and they currently top the list of my equipment deficiencies to address at the moment. Thanks in advance!

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          I am fan of the Dark slim kits, https://darkangelmedical.com/d-a-r-k-slim-trauma-kit/. There is also some good information on here on building up your own if you want to find an empty pouch from blue force gear or the like. Tourniquets come down to Softt-w or Cat’s (they are onto gen 7 iirc). Those are the 2 recommended by TCCC and the main difference is the softt-w has metal hardware while the cat is plastic.


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            With ifaks it is way better and more cost effective to roll your own. There are currently quite a few TQ options on the CoTCCC recommended list. I’ve been carrying the RMT tourniquets from M2 Inc. I know quite a few people that have switched from CAT and SOFTT-W to these. I think they are faster to apply and easier to get right as the ratchet gives you a mechanical advantage. Obviously the medical stuff is something you should be training and practicing just like everything else. If you need a list of contents and where to get them let me know.

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              In my trauma kit on my belt I carry-
              Israeli bandage 4 inch
              2 Quikclot combat gauze
              1 battle wrap
              1 s wrapped NAR gauze
              2 decompression needles
              2 compact chest seals
              Medical tape
              Alcohol swabs
              2 TQ 1 on PC 1 ON battle belt

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                I am fan of the Dark kits… There is also some good information on here on building up your own if you want to find an empty pouch from blue force gear or the like.

                With ifaks it is way better and more cost effective to roll your own….

                My own experience with the medkit journey has been somewhat torturous, but yes to all of this. ^^^
                Just compile your own; if you’re not sure what to buy, I would START with the DarkAngel pre-packed kit LIST, and then buy the supplies separately. IIRC, DA sells all the components separately for around the same price as anywhere else, so you can still one-stop-shop from them.

                There’s no sense to spend all sorts of money on a super expensive med pouch. BUT, IMHO, you do want to create (or buy) some sort of “tear away” or “pull out” kit (because digging through a pouch you can’t reach, or dumping it all on the ground via clamshell kinda sucks, IMO).
                A good simple start would be to go on Ebay, search for “eagle industries” and buy one of the surplus 100-round SAW pouches for like $15-20. Get some plastic ziploc bags with the TAB from the store in an appropriate size to put the contents of your DA packing list in.
                Stick your med stuff in the zippy, stuff it all in the SAW pouch, and Voila! El Cheapo pull-out kit complete. Bonus points, you get 2 extra chest seals if you count the plastic bag.

                OR, if you already use a belly-bag/”dangler” pouch with your PC/chest rig, you can do the same thing there, *IF* you are sure that bag is always going to be part of your kit…would suck to take it off, then throw your kit on and forget it…

                Another point; I started with a standard DA kit back in ’13 because I had no idea what to buy. The thing you need to remember with the pre-packed kits is that, you will likely have a real hard time replicating the vaccum packing, which is designed specifically for the pouch it comes in… so good luck refilling it with loose items. Not very field-expedient….

                It’s my own personal theory that the prevalence of pre-packed kits has led to more people buying them… which is great…but staying at the same level of [non]training, because no-one wants to bust open an expensive vacuum packed kit they can’t refill themselves… :unsure:
                When planning your buying list, be sure to set aside one or two extra of each things for practice use.

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                  A food saver is a great way to vacuum seal your med supplies. Just make sure you have good tear notches to open them.

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