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        We also use the heavy duty Ziploc bags in our IFAKs. Perishable items double bagged. Doc made the decision to upgrade the IFAK bags, and their items. The IFAKs we had or considered were lacking.

        Added 2x medical suture kits, 2x disposable scalpels, 1x medium Neosporin, 2x Quickclot, 1x Pro EMT sheers, 1x forceps, 1x tweezer, 1x Mylar blanket, 1x Isreal bandage, 4x 4×4 gauze pads, 2 inch adhesive bandage. All of this only added a few ounces but added much needed items to our kit.

        We understood the chances were good that any one of us might end up being injured, alone, or fighting back from a op gone bad or compromised.
        Best practice was to find a larger Molle pouch, without breaking the bank.

        Thus the Surgery IFAK or IFAK-S was born. Good day training with Doc on triage, casualty care and basic field expedient surgery, building on earlier CPR, AED and basic first aid.


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